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March 26, 2014

FltBrief Newsletter - March 12, 2014  

Set up your Weight & Balance profile and Checklists on the FltPlan website then take them with you on FltPlan Go for iPad and Legacy apps. These features are coming soon to the FltPlan Go Android app.

Two Great FltPlan Features: Checklist and Weight & Balance

Among FltPlan's many free features are two valuable tools that you may not be utilizing: Checklist and Weight & Balance. Here's what you might be missing:

Checklist. Completing the checklist is an important step in safe flying, and FltPlan makes your job easier. With our Checklist tool you can enter a checklist in your account and take it with you on your iPad or Android tablet using the FltPlan Go app for iPad or the Legacy apps.

With FltPlan's Checklist you can see each item being checked off as it's completed, ensuring that no step is accidentally missed.

There are additional features available with this function such as the ability to quickly transfer your checklist to other tail numbers or to another account. You can also save or print the checklist with a few simple commands. This program also features an optional voice synthesizer.

Set up your Checklist on the website by clicking on the TOOLS button on the left side of the Main Menu and selecting Checklist from the sub-menu.

Follow the steps below to set up your checklist:
•  Once in the Checklist Menu you will see the tail numbers for each aircraft.
•  Click the Add button and select the type of aircraft. If your aircraft is listed click Select next to the model; if not, select the Custom Checklist.
•  Click the View button to see the checklist. From the next screen you can add new categories. Click Add New for a custom checklist. To review and edit the pre-loaded categories, click Select.
•  The next screen is the list of Item and Action within the category that you just selected.

If you don't see a checklist for your aircraft, let us know and we will add it. Simply email your checklist to along with your username and N number.

Click here to read our Checklist Tutorial.

Weight & Balance. No matter what device you're using, FltPlan's Weight & Balance information is at your fingertips. Our free Weight & Balance program is available on the full website, on the Legacy apps, or on the FltPlan Go iPad app. The apps’ Weight & Balance features integrate with your online information. You can import your aircraft weight and balance data directly to your app, with no need to re-enter your aircraft parameters. You can then use this data offline. This is a great tool that will let you do last minute calculations on the ramp or while enroute and planning your next fuel load.

FltPlan continues to add more aircraft to our Weight & Balance program. We have more than 450 makes and models of aircraft in our database. Whether you're flying a Cessna C150 or a Gulfstream 280, FltPlan's Weight & Balance can work for you.

Set up your Weight & Balance on the FltPlan website by clicking on the Tools button on the left side of the Main Menu page and selecting the Weight & Balance link.

Click to read our Weight & Balance Tutorial.
Click for Weight & Balance FAQs.


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Use the pre-loaded templates or create a custom checklist based on your requirements.

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