1.   Download the latest version of the FltPlan Go iPad app from the iTunes App Store.

2.   Make sure that you have the latest version of X-Plane (10.0.1 or greater).

3.   Make sure that your FltPlan Go iPad and X-Plane computer are on the same wireless network.

  • Note: You are limited to one X-Plane user per network.
4.   Open X-Plane app on your computer:
  • Load a flight.
  • Mouse over settings (top bar) and click New Connections.
  • Click on iPhone/iPad and verify that all options are toggled on.
  • Close the Settings menu on X-Plane.

5.   Open FltPlan Go on your iPad:

  • Click on Maps.
  • Click Map Options (top left).
  • Make sure that Enable X-Plane Sim GPS is On.
  • Close the Settings menu on X-Plane.
The aircraft position should appear on your FltPlan Go app.