DCM Call Signs

  • DCM Call Signs take effect immediately.
  • You can block/unblock your aircraft at will.
  • Once assigned a Call Sign, you are known as DOT COM.
  • There are two levels assigned, FAA blocked and trackable.
  • If trackable, you will be known / seen as FltPlan.
  • If you are a Premium Tracker, you can have a third Call Sign blocked at the Vendor level.

FAA Vendor Blocking

  • Only the FAA can block your N Number.
  • In order to block your aircraft, you must send an email to FAA.
  • Blocking takes effect on the 1st and the 15th of every month.
  • There are two levels of blocking, FAA level and ASDI Vendor level.
  • Blocked at the FAA level you are totally blocked, no tracking available.
  • If you are blocked at the ASDI Vendor level, you can only track with our Premium Flight Tracking service.

For more information on DCM Call Signs or FAA Vendor Blocking, call 1-800-FLT-PLAN or email support@fltplan.com.