FltPlan has provided flight planning to, from, and intra Canada for years. We have recently expanded our features to include the following, free of charge:
  • The Canadian Flight Supplement
  • VNCs (Canadian Sectionals)
  • Canadian Airport Diagrams
  • Geo-referenced Approach Charts and Airport Diagrams
  • Moving Maps

All these great features are available on the website or on the FltPlan Go app for iPad and Android.

Screen ShotOn the FltPlan Website

(CFS) Canadian Flight Supplement. To view the CFS on the FltPlan website, click Airports & FBOs on the left side of the Main Menu page. Select the Airport/FBO Info link. Enter the airport ID, and then scroll down to CFS.

Maps. Maps can be viewed from any displayed NavLog. You can also view maps by clicking on the Navigation button on the left side of the Main Menu page. Then select the Digital Charts link. Enter your departure and arrival airports for the sectionals, IFR, or VFR charts you wish to view.

Approach Charts. You can view Canadian approach charts (also knows as CAPs) by logging in and going to the Main Menu page. Once there select Navigation, Digital Charts, and use the Approach Charts (U.S. & Canada) section. You can also access the approach charts from the Airports & FBOs section and when creating a flight plan.

Screen ShotOn the FltPlan Go App for iPad or Android

(CFS) Canadian Flight Supplement. Tap the Downloads icon on the left side of the screen, select A/FD, then tap CFS. Once you’ve downloaded the CFS, select Airports (icon on left side of the screen), then type in your airport ID and tap the Open A / FD button.

VNCs. Go to Downloads, tap Maps, then select Sectional. From there choose Canada, then tap the appropriate region to download. Once the download is completed, tap the Maps icon on the left side of the page, tap Layers, select Sectionals, then choose Canada.

Approach Charts. Go to Downloads, select Procedures, choose Canada and then the appropriate province or territory. After the download is completed, you can view by going to Airports, choose Procedures, then tap the approach you’d like to view. Any IFR procedure with a purple icon is geo-referenced.

Geo-referenced airport diagrams. Simply choose the desired aerodrome chart.

Moving Maps. If your iPad or Android has a GPS signal, you can view your aircraft on the maps. FltPlan gives you the option of using Track up or North up along with your moving maps. By choosing the Breadcrumbs option you can show a trail of where your aircraft has flown.

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