Where are all the pilots?

The pilots that you're looking for are on FltPlan.

FBOs who advertise on FltPlan are tapped into a universe of more than 170,000 pilots who make decisions every day about where to stop for fuel and where to land for the services and amenities that they need.

FltPlan has grown to be the largest provider of general aviation flight planning services in North America. Pilots and flight departments rely on FltPlan to meet their professional needs. FltPlan files more than 42% of flight plans for N#-registered jets and turboprops.

FltPlan offers flight planning, filing, and a variety of other services including FBO and Airport Information, Flight Tracking, Certified CBP eAPIS Submissions, SMS (IS-BAO and ACSF), Runway Analysis, Weight & Balance, eLogbook, Checklists, Mexican/Caribbean/Central American handling, Mexican and Cuban overflight services, Pre-Departure Clearances, FAA-Approved Certified Weather, and much more.

The free FltPlan Go EFB app for iOS and Android is a powerful in-flight companion to the FltPlan website. FltPlan continues to grow and add services that address the needs of general aviation pilots and flight departments.

More than 42% of N#-registered Flight Plans Filed for Turbo Props & Jets

More than 170,000 Active, Registered Users

Average monthly flight plans filed in 2023: 139,500

1,763,076 Monthly Page Views

Monthly User Sessions: 404,498


Advertising Positions & Rates

Description Annual Rate
Logo Ad Package. Premium Listing on FltPlan website and FltPlan Go apps. Includes your logo, link to your website, fuel brand, descriptive copy, e-mail link, location on airport diagram, service icons, and a photo page. Your logo appears in four additional website locations. $650
NavLog / Airport Info. 468 x 60 pixel banner ad, linked to your website, appears at the top of the Airport Info page for your airport and on every NavLog that FltPlan generates into your airport. $575*
Weather. 468 x 60 pixel banner ad, linked to your website, appears on the Airport Information page, the Current Weather page, and Enroute Weather for your airport. $460*
Quick Info. 468 x 60 pixel banner ad, appears at the top of the Quick Info results page every time yours is the arrival airport. $350*
Flight Plan Creation. 468 x 60 pixel banner ad, linked to your website, appears at the top of the Flight Plan Entry page every time a user creates a flight plan into your airport. $350*
Approach Charts. 468 x 60 pixel banner ad, linked to your website, appears on the Airport Info page and at the top of Approach Charts for your airport when selected from the drop-down menu box on the Airport Info page. Your banner ad appears on fast load charts (GIF). $350*
Enroute Maps / Radar. 468 x 60 pixel banner ad, linked to your website, appears in four different Radar & Route Map locations: Route Map, Airport Radar, Route Map with static, and Route Map with animated Radar Loop. $300*
Off-Field Logo Ad. For advertisers with a logo ad, this is a premium listing on the airport info page of a nearby airport. Like the logo ad, this listing includes your logo (linked to your website), a fuel brand logo, up to 399 characters of copy, and an email link to your FBO. This listing does not include fuel prices and service icons. $350*
Non-FBO Ad. Perfect for limousine companies, hotels, and other aviation service providers. A 468 x 60 pixel banner, linked to your website, appears above the on-field FBO listing for the desire airport. $200 per airport

Any banner ad may be purchased at a nearby airport by any FBO who has purchased a Logo ad at their home airport.

* Advertisers in these positions must purchase a LOGO package on their home airport page. All rates are for one year. Banner advertisers get "first-right-of-refusal" every year. Reporting data/metrics are not available for any of the FBO advertising positions.
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