Flying in Private

Protect your privacy with a Dot Com (DCM) call sign

Flying with a Dot Com (DCM) call sign offers privacy to FltPlan users. When you register your aircraft for our DCM Call sign program, you are assigned a blocked call sign, a trackable call sign, and – if you wish to enroll in our Premium Flight Tracking services – a vendor-blocked call sign. In addition, you are also assigned a random DCM call sign for each flight.

You must file your flight plan with when using a DCM call sign. When you create your flight plan, simply select the DCM call sign for your flight from the drop-down list. Enter the DCM call sign as the flight ID in your ADS-B out equipment prior to departure.

There are two ways to protect your privacy with a DCM call sign:

For aircraft with a Privacy ICAO Address (PIA)

To achieve the highest level of privacy, owners and operators should:

  • Enroll in the FAA's Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) program. A third-party call sign is required for enrollment in this program.

Flying with a DCM Call sign, in combination with a PIA, ensures that your aircraft registration is not broadcast for tracking by third-party vendors who collect and publish ADS-B out data.

To enroll in this program, visit

For ADS-B equipped jets and turbo prop aircraft who are NOT enrolled in the FAA's PIA Program

If the FAA's PIA program is not appropriate for your operation, flying with a blocked tail number and DCM Call sign offers a level of privacy to owners and operators. If your tail number is blocked and you're flying with a DCM Call sign, your flight will be associated with the DCM call sign and will be displayed as FltPlan. Vendors who honor the blocked tail list will not publish your tail number. And, for those who do, your departure location is not visible until after takeoff and your arrival will not be visible until you've landed.

How to block your tail number:

The Limiting Aircraft Data Display (LADD) program replaces the FAA Blocked Aircraft Registry Request (BARR) program and was developed by the FAA to address increased privacy concerns that have resulted from ADS-B out equipage. Aircraft owners and authorized representatives who were blocked with the BARR program through December 31, 2019 have been transitioned to the new LADD program.

If your aircraft is not blocked, you can visit to submit a request for blocking at the Subscriber or FAA level. If you'd like to track your aircraft with's Premium Flight Tracking services, you must block your aircraft at the Subscriber level.

To enroll, please fill out the online application.

As a DCM subscriber, you are responsible for any fees/charges that may be associated with your use of the DCM service. Therefore, your account may be billed for any overflight fees, parking fees, air navigation fees, air traffic services fees, or any other fees/charges that an aviation authority charges FltPlan in association with your account’s use of a DCM call sign. In other cases, the aviation authority may bill you directly for these fees. On request, we will provide them with your name and contact information to assist them in identifying the appropriate party to bill or to answer for any violations/infractions associated with your use of a DCM call sign and/or flights conducted using your DCM call sign.