Flying in Private

Blocking, Tracking, and Using a Dot Com (DCM) Call Sign

If you feel your flight schedule and history should remain private, you might want to either block your tail number or use one of FltPlan's DCM call signs.

Blocking an aircraft can be done at two different levels, the FAA level and ASDI Vendor level. If you are blocked at the ASDI Vendor level, you can still track your flight with our Premium Flight Tracking service. For a higher level of security, you can have your aircraft blocked at the FAA level, which will remove all aircraft flight data before it is transmitted to the ASDI vendors (there are more than 35 of them). This means the information never reaches any ASDI vendor and is not incorporated into their system for later resale to other entities.

If you require this type of privacy, but would still like to track your plane, FltPlan can help you with a DCM call sign. With a DCM call sign, you have the option to block your aircraft at the FAA level, yet you can still track your own call sign.

DCM Call Signs – Available for Jet & Turboprop FltPlan Filers Only

  • DCM call signs take effect immediately
  • You can block/unblock your aircraft at will
  • Once assigned a call sign, you are known as DOT COM
  • There are two levels assigned: FAA blocked and trackable
  • If trackable, you will be known/seen as FltPlan on public flight tracking websites (and not by your tail number or company name)
  • If you are a Premium Tracker, you can have a third call sign blocked at the FAA Vendor Level

To enroll in FltPlan's DCM Call Sign program, please call our Premium Services office at 731-855-8000 between 9:00 and 5:00 Eastern Time.

DCM call signs and all other premium services are non-refundable.