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Newsletter - September 4th, 2013 Sets New Record
August 2013 was our best month ever at We filed more flight plans last month than we have in any month in our 14-year history. We saw a 4.3 percent increase in flight plans filed over July 2013 and a 3.3 percent increase over August 2012. (When you are talking millions of flight plans, 3.3 percent is a lot!) Stay with us as we continue to grow and to offer new features.

Check Out the Default User Settings Page
If you've used in the last week, you've noticed our new design. While not exactly new, one feature worth taking a second look at is our Default User Settings page.
To find the Default User Settings link, click on the Settings button on the left side of the Main Menu page.

Once there you can set your defaults for:
• Weather
• iPad and Android preferences.
• DCM Call Sign (if you are a Dotcom call sign user)
• Sorting your Active Flight Plan list by aircraft or by date
• Calendar options
• NavLog display
• Intermediate Fuel Stop
• ICAO Item 18 STS/Special Handling
• Main Menu (this allows you to show the expanded menu list, without clicking the button each time).
Please note that with our re-design, Share NavLog/Wx is a separate link and is no longer on the Default User Setting page.
So check it out: A few minutes now could make flight planning easier done the road.


FAA Discontinues Direct Chart Sales
The FAA has announced that it is no longer selling charts directly to the public. To get your paper charts, you must go through an authorized dealer, such as the Chart Store. The Chart Store has you covered for all your paper chart needs. Our inventory is always up-to-date and includes the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.
Our range of products includes A/FD (Airport/Facility Directory), VFR wall planning charts, sectional charts, approach plates/terminal procedures, and helicopter charts.
To see our full selection of charts and maps, go to

The Chart Finder! New at the Chart Store
By now you know that you can get your paper charts at the Chart Store. But have you seen our latest enhancement? The Chart Finder offers you a complete listing of the charts you need for your trip. Just enter your departure and arrival airports, and the Chart Finder will let you know which Sectionals, Jet Charts, Victor Charts or Approach Plates you need. There are also links for subscription quotes and ordering charts.

Click To View

Visit the Chart Store at The Chart Finder link is on the top right of the page. You can also vist the Chart Store from the left side of the Main Menu page. And don't forget that our U.S. charts are always 20% off list price.

Just a Reminder: Offers Planned ATC Routes (and Has for Years)
Many of our users might not be aware that you can get your Planned ATC Route up to 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time. This feature is available whether you file your flight plan using or not.
You can access this feature by clicking the Flight Tracking button on the left side of the Main Menu page, then clicking the ATC Routes/EDCT link, or (if you are a Premium Flight Tracker) going to the Flight Tracking link. To get your planned ATC Route is as simple as selecting your Aircraft tail number or call sign and the email/ text message address that you would like the Planned ATC Route to be sent to.

Some additional info about ATC Routes
1) The Planned ATC Route is a Planned ATC Route. The Route you see might not be exactly what you will get as a clearance. For instance, out of some airports (especially in Florida), there can be an initial identifier that is used by ATC, but not given to the pilots.
2) The Planned ATC Route means a clearance has been issued by the ATC System. If you receive a Planned ATC Route, you can rest assured there will be a clearance available when you call Clearance Delivery/Ground/Tower/Approach.
3) If a new Route is assigned, we'll send you the new Planned ATC Route. If you are assigned a new routing after your initial Planned ATC Route (or even after you have been issued your clearance), will send you the updated Planned ATC Route. This can be a real god-send for a re-route that might necessitate some additional fuel after you've received your clearance, but before you've taxied out.
4) EDCT (Expected Departure Clearance Time) notices are part of the package. If you select that you would like to receive your Planned ATC Route, we will also send you any EDCT that might be in effect, along with your wheels up time (i.e. your EDCT). If your flight is not flying in an area of EDCTs, then you will not receive any EDCT emails.
5) A Proposed Message (Schd.) is also included. A Proposed message from is your confirmation that your flight plan is indeed in the ATC system. You can check the departure time, to make sure you filed what you thought you filed. The Proposed Message almost always comes at the same time as the Planned ATC Clearance (approx. 90 minutes before departure), but is also an independent check that ATC knows about your flight plan.
6) If you have a blocked tail number, you can still take advantage of this feature by subscribing to our Premium Flight Tracking service. For more information call 1-800-358-7526. On Twitter
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