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Newsletter - September 17th, 2012 Sees its Busiest Month Yet
August 2012 was another record breaking month for In the month of August, created 444,754 IFR & VFR flight plans/Navigational logs. also filed over 211,867 IFR flight plans.
This was a 5% increase over July and a 4% increase over last August. is proud of our accomplishments over the years, and we thank our users for making a success. Celebrates 13 Years Online
Last month marked's 13th year on the web. has grown from a small flight-planning service, to a company which provides over 130,000 pilots with FAA flight plan filing, FBO/Airport information, flight tracking, certified e-APIS submissions, GPS RAIM predictions, SMS, Weight and Balance, Mexican and Caribbean Handling, Mexican Overflight Services, and FAA-approved certified weather.
It's been an eventful 13 years, and we will continue serving the aviation community with dependable service, accurate information, and new features for many decades to come. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make a success.


Don't Let Precious Minutes Be Wasted in an Emergency:
Keep your contact information up to date

Once in a while, we find it necessary to contact a pilot. There might be an emergency, a problem with your flight plan, or a question of your whereabouts.
For instance: On occasions, will get a call from ATC looking for an aircraft that is over-due, usually because the pilot did not cancel their IFR flight plan going into an uncontrolled airport. If we have a cell phone number listed next to the PIC/Co-Pilot names, will attempt to call you. This can be an easy resolution that avoids the initiation of Search and Rescue (and a call from the FAA the next day).
Make sure you have valid email address, phone number, and cell phone number for each PIC in your account. To keep your contact information current, go to the "User/PIC Info" link on the left side of the Main Menu page of We find it works best if you put your cell phone number in the first slot so that we have a better chance of finding you when you are away from home. We will also check emergency contact info in your ICAO data for your aircraft.
Please be aware that having a phone number and valid email address is required by in order to keep your account valid. If you remove this information, a computer check will de-activate your account. Likewise, if your email notifications bounce back to, we will make your account pending and put a notice in your Active Flight Plan List.
Rest assured, we will not sell your phone number or use it for any other purposes than those related to filing your flight plans.

Let Help You Stay on the Right Side of Mexican Overflight Regulations
The word is out that Mexico is now enforcing its overflight fees retroactively. can help. We can determine if you owe fees and help you manage your payments.
You can read the details about Mexican overflight regulations in our previous article:
In short, our Mexican Overflight Fee Payment Service can help you:
  • Find out if you owe fees to the Mexican government and how much they are
  • Distribute your payment to the Mexican authorities for flights already made and send you a receipt as proof of payment. (Keep in mind that the Mexican government requires that payment be made from a Mexican bank. Credit cards, checks and wire transfers from U.S. banks are not accepted.)
  • Handle your payments for future trips

    For prices and more information contact or Click Here.

    SMS Seminar Coming to Dallas in October: Guest speaker Randy Babbitt is now taking registrations for a free educational event. will be hosting an SMS Informational Seminar in partnership with ACSF (Air Charter Safety Foundation). This is a live event, not a webinar. It will take place in Dallas on Wednesday October 17, 2012, starting promptly at 9 am and ending at 5 pm ET. This SMS Seminar will provide helpful information in regard to the development and implementation of your company's SMS Program. We are pleased to announce that Randy Babbitt, former FAA Administrator, will once again be a guest speaker at our upcoming SMS Seminar. Registration is required to attend.
    To register Click Here. Each attendee is required to register separately. After receiving the registration form and being qualified as an SMS participant, further details will be provided via email. on the Road in October
    In addition to our free SMS Seminar in Dallas in October, will be at the AOPA Aviation Summit 2012 in Palm Springs CA on October 11-13. Look for some great new features and enhancements being announced at the show for both our web programs and mobile based Apps for iPad and Android. will have a large number of staff members at the show, including some of our iPad and Android developers to demonstrate our constantly improving Apps, stop by and see us at Booth 1329.
    At the NBAA Convention in Orlando on October 29th, will be among four panelist discussing iPad use in the cockpit.
    The meeting starts at 11am and runs to 12:30pm Offering September 20th Paper Charts - On Sale Now
    The Chart Store wants to remind everyone that several paper chart products expire on September 20th.
    The following paper products expire on September 20th:
         All Contiguous U.S. Approach Plates/Terminal Procedures
         All Canadian Approach Plates/Terminal Procedures
         All High Altitude Enroute Charts (U.S. and Canada)
         All Low Altitude Enroute Charts (U.S. and Canada)
         All U.S. Airport/Facility Directories
         Canadian Flight Supplement
         Dallas-Ft. Worth Sectional
         Detroit Sectional
         Houston Sectional
         Klamath Falls Sectional
         Lake Huron Sectional
         Memphis Sectional
         WAC WCG21
         WAC WCH23
         Cleveland TAC
         Dallas-Ft. Worth TAC
         Detroit TAC
         Houston TAC
         Memphis TAC
         Pittsburgh TAC
    The Chart Store is now offering updated editions of charts for sale. You can place your orders for these new charts now, and the charts will be shipped to you within several days. The Chart Store also offers Canadian paper charts. Please visit to view our complete inventory of products.
    Please also remember that subscriptions are available for all of our paper charts. To inquire about a subscription, please call one of our Chart Store specialists at 203-262-9200. For more general inquiries regarding our paper charts, please email us at

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