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Newsletter - October 6th, 2010 Fax Brief Helps FBOs Help You
By J. Mac McClellan

While any FBO loves to see you taxi in on their ramp, they like it even more when they know that you are coming and what they can do to make your visit the best possible. And that's what's FBO fax briefing does-it gives the FBO the information necessary to deliver the best service, and it takes almost no time on your part.

The FBO fax is a reliable way to inform the FBO of what you and your passengers will need, including ground transportation, catering, hangar space, lav service and so on. And because much of the information is already stored on, it takes only a minute or two to fill out the form for each trip.

And the FBO fax briefing is more reliable and accurate than a phone call to the FBO. When you're on the phone the CSR is probably talking to other customers, looking for something to write down your requests and likely being distracted by ringing phones and linemen calling on the radio. But the fax arrives at the FBO accurate and complete with all of your details so the FBO staff can prepare for your arrival.

At first faxing sounds hopelessly old fashioned so why doesn't use emails, particularly since is an online company? There are several reasons uses the fax to brief the FBO:
FBO fax numbers are available, stable and rarely change while email addresses frequently change.

FBOs continue to uses faxes more than many other businesses. An important reason is that the fractional operators use faxes to send important documents to their crews on the road. So, FBOs have the fax machine near the CSRs and monitor incoming faxes closely.

Faxes are instantly obvious and don't have to be opened like an email. And uses a standardized form so that the various people on the FBO staff who will be involved in your visit each receives clear information about your requests. goes to extreme lengths to be certain your fax arrives at the FBO. Each fax transmission is monitored to be sure the FBO's machine acknowledges receipt. If there is a problem with the transmission contacts the FBO directly to resolve it. In the rare event that there is no response from an FBO-such as total power loss in a storm or something like contacts you directly and lets you know something is wrong at your destination.

The FBO fax brief also includes lines to request that the FBO contact you to confirm the details of your arrival. You can ask for that contact to be either by phone, email, fax or, if you wish, for no confirmation other than from that the fax was transmitted successfully.

To use the FBO fax briefing just click on the words "send fax" on the right side of your Active Flight Plan List on the Main Menu page. A form pops up so you can enter the information about your visit and your specific requests. All of the standard services are listed, and you can add any additional specific information.

You can direct to send the fax as far in advance of your visit to the FBO as you like. And you can store your standard information such as contact phone numbers, and so on in a special file on that loads it into the fax with one mouse click.

I gave a talk this week at the NATA FBO Success Conference about what pilots want from an FBO. In fairness to the FBOs what they want from us is advance information about your visit so they can deliver the best possible service.'s FBO fax briefing makes it quick and easy to help the FBO help you, and it's free. Can't beat that.


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This week Mac McClellan's blog, Left Seat, is about video cameras on the flight deck. You can view Left Seat by clicking on the banner on the log-in page or by going directly to's SMS program rolls out this Month!
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Don't be pressured into contracting for a high priced SMS.'s SMS will have a low yearly cost, with no separate start up fee.'s SMS will provide flight departments the tools needed to comply with SMS requirements of FAA Advisory AC120-92a, ICAO, and IBAC's (International Business Aviation Council) IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations).

The best feature of our SMS is that it will blend with your account for easy entry and retrieval of weather briefings, navigational logs and FRATs (Flight Risk Assessment Tool) for flights entered by your flight department.

Additionally all record keeping and documents can be stored on our secure servers, accessible online by everyone on your team, from anywhere in the world. is an accredited auditor for IBAC's IS-BAO, and is listed by IBAC as an Implementation Support Provider for IS-BAO.

For more information please see our previous FltBrief Newsletter on SMS or call our SMS Support Line at 731-855-8000.

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