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Newsletter - November 25th, 2013

FltPlan Makes the Checklist Process a Breeze!

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Get ready to put that paper checklist into storage. Completing the checklist when flying is an important step in safe flying and FltPlan has once again made your job easier and more efficient. Now you can enter your checklist into your account (see image below left) and take it with you on your iPad (see picture below right).

Looking at the image to the right you can see each item being checked off in the list as you complete the item or action. This makes completing your checklist easier to use and ensures no step is accidentally missed.
There are some great additional features available with this function. Similar to our Weight & Balance feature, you can quickly transfer your checklist to other tail numbers or to another account. You can also save or print the checklist with a few simple commands.
This great new feature can be accessed by clicking on the TOOLS button on the left-hand side of the Main Menu and selecting Checklist from the sub-menu.
Setting up a checklist is simple, just following these steps:
Once in the Checklist Menu you will see the tail numbers for each aircraft.
Click the Add button and select the type of aircraft. If your aircraft is listed click Select next to the model; if not, select the Custom Checklist.
To access the checklist click the View button. From the next screen you can add new categories. Click Add New for a custom checklist. To review and edit the pre-loaded categories, click Select.
The next screen is the list of Item and Action within the category that you just selected.

Don't have time to enter a Custom Checklist? FltPlan is happy to create it for you. Simply email your checklist to support@fltplan.com. Be sure to include your username and tail number.
For detailed instructions or the instructions on how to use the export and sharing capabilities click the link below.
Instructions Link

Geo-Referenced Approach Charts Free on FltPlan Go
In addition to our Geo-Referenced Taxi Charts, FltPlan Go now has Geo-Referenced Approach Charts for the entire U.S.

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Our apps and our digital charts are completely free.
To download FltPlan Go, go to Apple's iTunes Store.
Below is a link to the FltPlan Go tutorial.

FltPlan.com Chart Store

For DCM (Dot Com) Call Sign Users:
Now you have three options

FltPlan.com now offers 3 distinct levels of privacy for our Call Sign users.
1. Totally unblocked: Trackable on any flight tracking website by entering the DCM call sign
2. Blocked at industry level: Trackable only from within your FltPlan Premium Flight Tracking account
3. Totally blocked at the FAA level: Not trackable by anyone (including you)
Our newest feature is level #2.
This feature provides an extra level of security from flight tracking companies displaying your flight information to the general public.
With Industry Level Blocking (#2), other Flight Tracking vendors are not allowed to display your call sign, tail number, itinerary, flight history and other flight information that the public doesn't need to know. Using option #2, you can also arrange with FltPlan so you (and others you authorize) you can track your call sign using a flight tracking account.
Users can choose from the above selectable options on a flight-by-flight basis.
For more information on our call sign program, please contact our special services staff at 731-855-8000 (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern time).

FBO Fax Briefings:
Make sure to include your contact information

FltPlan's fax feature is a reliable way to inform the FBO of what you and your passengers will need, including ground transportation, catering, hangar space, lav service and so on. Because much of the information is already stored on FltPlan.com, it can take less than a minute to fill out the form for each trip.
It's a good idea to include your contact information on your fax so the FBO can get a hold of you, should there be a problem with your request. At the very minimum, you should include a contact name and phone number.

It's quick and easy to set or change your default information on FBO Fax Briefings to include contact information. Select the Flight Planning button on the left side of the Main Menu page. The FBO Notification link is the second one from the bottom. You can find the Set Default Information button at the bottom of the FBO Notification page. Enter or update your information, then click Press Here When Done to save the changes. This default will hold whatever information you deem important for all your future briefings (until you change your defaults). You only have to fill out this information once.
For more information on why you should be using a FBO Fax Briefing for your flights, please see our previous FltBrief Newsletter on this topic: http://flttrack.fltplan.com/fltbrief/October2010/fltbriefvol1.htm#1

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