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Newsletter - November 6th, 2013

New Enhancement:
Donor method for transferring Weight & Balance profiles

You've just entered all the necessary weights and arms for your flight department's aircraft using FltPlan's Weight & Balance feature. The problem is that all your company pilots have different FltPlan accounts. How are you going to pass this set up to your fellow airmen? Answer... very easily.
It is now possible to quickly transfer a Weight & Balance profile from one FltPlan account to another with our new enhancement.

You can find the Weight & Balance link by clicking on the Tools button on the left side of the Main Menu page. From there it's as easy as following these steps:
     • Select the aircraft tail number from the Add/Edit/Delete Profile drop-down menu and click Go
     • Enter the Donor's username and tail number in the Donor Method fields
     • Click Copy Profile
Now you have transferred the donor's Weight & Balance profile to your account. It's that simple.

Recent Enhancements to Route Entry Page
FltPlan recently added functionality and information to the flight plan entry page. You can now click on the button to the left of the Recent User Routes, Most Recent Planned ATC Routes, and Other Recent Planned ATC Routes, and the listed route will be automatically transferred to the Own Route box.
In the past, this was accomplished by "copying and pasting", which works well on a desktop/laptop, but can be cumbersome at best on a mobile device like an iPad. With the addition of a Route Transfer button, a push/click on the screen is all that's needed. This works on all devices including iPads/Androids/laptops and desktops.

The other change is the addition of the Aircraft Type and Category to the listing of Most Recent Planned ATC Routes and Other Recent Planned ATC Routes. On many city pairs, the route assigned is dependent on which type aircraft you are flying. FltPlan makes it easy to see a multitude of routes and what type aircraft was assigned this route. If you are flying a piston aircraft (low altitude structure), look for a similar aircraft for info on your best route options.


Up-To-Date Fuel Prices Now Available on our Free Android App
Now FltPlan's free Android app includes our full database of up-to-date fuel prices. Whether you're using our website or one of our free apps, you don't need to go anywhere else for fuel prices. FltPlan has you covered. We currently post fuel prices for over 3,300 FBOs on our website and mobile apps. That's more than ever before.
On the Android app, you can access current fuel prices by going to the FltDeck Guide and selecting the airport.

On the web, fuel prices appear on the Airport/FBO Info page or the Area Fuel Prices page. Both can be found by clicking on the Airports & FBOs button on the left side of the Main Menu page and selecting the appropriate link. You can also click on the airport in your Active Flight Plan List to get to the Airport/FBO Info page.
On our FltPlan Go app on iPad, you can access fuel prices by going to the Airports tab, selecting the airport, and then selecting FBOs.
If you are an FBO, and would like to promote your fuel sales, please contact or see

Did You Know?
FltPlan participates in the FAA's Traffic Flow Management System (or CDM)

There's been a lot of talk about CDM in the aviation world lately, but FltPlan has been participating in the FAA's Traffic Flow Management since 2010. Your flight plan data is -- and has been -- submitted to the CDM system up to 22 hours in advance of your scheduled flight plan's departure time (if the flight plan was selected for filing on the Active Flight Plan List).
What is CDM?
CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) is a philosophy where the FAA and the aviation industry (yes, that includes you) work together for the purpose of improving air traffic management.
What is a CDM Participant?
A submitter of advanced flight plan data is known as a CDM Participant. is the largest submitter of advanced flight plan data to the CDM program.
What is the Traffic Flow Management system?
The TFM system monitors current and projected demand (based on submitted CDM information) on the Air Traffic Control system.
What does this mean to the users?
By FltPlan submitting realistic flight data from our users to the FAA's TFM system, traffic management initiatives are greatly enhanced. This ensures that any delays (i.e. GDP/EDCT/Slots) that do occur for your flight, are based on the best information. This allows for delays to be reduced since the FAA has a better understanding of your actual flight intentions, rather than on historical data. The FAA will use your flight plan data submitted through the CDM program, (specifically: your aircraft type, estimated departure time, time en route, and expected arrival time), to manage capacity in the ATC system much more efficiently.
How is the CDM Data used?
Combined with other data (airline schedules, weather, ATC constraints, etc.), your flight plan data will be used for the planning of GDP (Ground Delay Programs), release times (EDCT), miles-in-trail, and possible departure/arrival re-routes to/from the busiest airports. Outside busy terminal areas, your data will be used for enroute congestion monitoring and possible advanced re-routing.
Collaborative includes you!
The data we will be sending to the FAA will only be as good as the data that you provide Some simple rules to start with:
      1.)   If you know you are going, select your flight plan for filing as soon as possible.
This will be your signal for FltPlan to send your flight plan data to the FAA.
As noted above, we will send the data to the FAA 22 hours in advance of your scheduled departure time.
      2.)   If you cancel your flight, un-select the flight plan for filing. We'll take care of the rest. On Twitter
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