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Newsletter - November 15th, 2012

ICAO 2012 is Now in Effect and is Ready
The deadline for using the new ICAO format flight plans is November 15. has been ready and has been filing flight plans under the new format for the past two weeks. If you haven't entered the required data for flight plans for ICAO 2012, don't delay. The old ICAO flight plan is no longer supported by the FAA or ICAO after November 15, 2012.
Please note that this is a change from the 2008 ICAO format. If you entered your data years ago, you need to do it again in the new format. If you haven't updated your ICAO Data, you will not be eligible for assignment of RNAV SIDs & STARs and RNAV enroute routing.
According to the FAA some changes are:
  • Additional alphanumeric qualifiers in Item 10 (Equipment and Capabilities) that reflect enhancements to operational capabilities in ground-based and satellite-based navigation and surveillance equipment. The new qualifiers cover equipment for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), Controller Pilot Data Link Future Air Navigation System (CPDLC-FANS), as well as, several other qualifier additions and deletions.

  • Significant changes to Item 18 (Other Information), including formatting, indicator definitions, specific grammar for special handling, and new Performance Based Navigation (PBN/) qualifiers for Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP).

    As the largest flight planning company in North America, is very aware of the new changes that are taking place, and we have created a simple process for compliance. Just go to the A/C ICAO Data on the left side of the Main Menu page, and follow the accompanying instructions. Be sure to read the HELP sections that are linked in on each category.

    If you have questions about what to enter after reading the HELP section, send us an email with your username and which aircraft (tail number) you are working on, and we will try to help. Please be specific with your questions. Since we do not have access to your aircraft or documentation, our answers will be limited to what you tell us. Please include a phone number in case we need to contact you directly. In many cases, a call to your avionics dealer or the manufacturer that installed the equipment may provide a quick answer.

    Smartphone? Nexus 7? iPad Mini? has you Covered

    Apple iPad Mini

    Google Nexus 7M

    Whether you use an Android smartphone, an iPhone, Google Nexus tablet, or an iPad, has an app available for you.
    Free of charge, our app allows you to stay connected with your account.
    Offline in the air? Not a problem. You can also view online and save for offline viewing:
  • Your flight's FAA approved weather briefing.
  • Your flight's Navigation Logs.
  • Your Documents.

    When it comes to charts and maps, has you covered. You can view online and offline:
  • U.S. and Canadian Instrument Approach Charts.
  • U.S. Sectional.
  • Low altitude Charts for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas and Central America.
  • High Altitude Charts for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas and Central America.

    Also online, you can view street maps, and imagery.
    These are only a few of the features available on our app, and you can expect many more to come. If you're a user, we want you to be able to access your account easily and without the hassle of multiple apps.
    Our app is available for the Android powered smartphones and the popular iPhone and iPad devices. With Google's latest announcement of the Google Nexus 10 and Nexus 4, we were amazed at how affordable they are considering they run the Android OS. They are remarkably cheaper than the Apple iPad and iPad Mini. With the iPad Mini starting at $329, its rival Google Nexus 7 is available for $199. In addition, compare the iPad to the Google Nexus 10 (both with 16GB storage): The Nexus 10 is $100 cheaper, plus the screen resolution is greater than the acclaimed "Retina Display" that Apple raves about.
    If you're a cost sensitive buyer, just perusing for the best-of-the-best, or both, we highly recommend that you consider an Android device. There are several big-name companies that produce Android powered devices. So you have a lot to choose from.
    Keep in mind though, with the holiday season upon us, if you decide to go with an iPad or the new iPad Mini, has you covered.
    If you'd like more information on our app please visit our following web pages: Mobile for the iPhone/iPad:
 Mobile for Android:

    Information & Help Guide for FltPlan Mobile on Android
    We've recently updated our Android App's Help page.
    Whether you've been using our app from the start, or have just downloaded it, this guide will have the information you're looking for.
    We provide a comprehensive look into all the features of the app with step-by-step, straight forward information. The guides to each feature were written by our Android developer and cover all aspects available.
    So if there is a feature you are unsure of how to use or that you need more information on, this guide has it. While we do try and create the app to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible, it's always good to review a feature you are interested in using (or use frequently), to fully understand how it works.
    The most recent information that we've added to the page are the instructions to the Documents feature and Moving Maps feature. In addition, since the Moving Maps feature is commonly used on tablet devices, the guide has changed the reader perspective from a smartphone to a mid-size tablet (Google Nexus 7).
    Not to worry though, Mobile functions the same on a smartphone as it would a tablet.
    The Information & Help Guide is accessible from the app.
    From the main screen choose the device menu key and select "Help/Guide".

    Information & Help Guide for FltPlan Mobile on the iPad and iPad Mini
    For instructions on using our iPad App, please see and

    Coming Soon! ADS-B Weather for's iPad and Android Apps
 is pleased to announce that pilots will soon have the ability to connect to ADS-B receivers using our apps. In partnerships with Dual Electronics and also Sagetech Corporation, pilots will be able to access free weather and traffic using the ADS-B network.
    ADS-B weather gives pilots a less-expensive option for obtaining in-flight weather data, because it doesn't require expensive retrofits of aircraft. With the purchase of the Clarity ADS-B receiver from Sagetech Corporation or the XGPS170 from Dual Electronics, pilots can connect to the ADS-B network at no charge. ADS-B does not require any additional subscription for in-flight weather services. Even if an aircraft already has in-panel in-flight weather support, ADS-B is an economical and convenient backup. Both the Sagetech Corporation and Dual Electronics receivers are portable and can be used between aircraft.

    ADVERTISEMENT Breaks its Own Record
    October marked our busiest month so far. We filed more flight plans than ever before, with a 4.6% increase over October 2011.
    As continues to grow, we've also seen leaps in the numbers of those using our Android and iPad apps. From this September to this October, we saw a 40% increase in users of our Android app. This is due to the popularity of both our new moving maps on the Android system, and also the 7-inch Galaxy and Nexus tablets. The Android is a great, cost effective alternative: The ASUS Nexus 7 was recently advertised at BJ's Wholesale Club for $197.99. Why pay more?
    And for iPad users, we saw a 15% increase in users of our popular iPad App from September to October. iPad users are finding that not only is our iPad App free, it also provides more coverage with high and low enroute charts. This includes Canada, U.S. Mexico and the Caribbean and Approach charts for the U.S. and Canada. For the best products and best value, count on

    New Feature - Look up Restricted Areas, Alert Areas, and MOAs by their Number. is pleased to announce our latest feature for accessing information on Restricted Areas, MOAs, and Alert Areas by their numbers. No need to search on the outer panels on your charts. Just enter the number/name of the SUA (Special Use Airspace), and will provide the info you need, including altitude restrictions, time of use, and the contact facility.
    You can find a link to this section on the left side of the Weather/Notam page labeled Lookup SUA by name/number.

    New Cycle of Charts Available at the Chart Store
    The Chart Store is now offering updated November 15th editions of charts for sale. You can place your orders for these new charts now, and the charts will be shipped to you within several days. The Chart Store also offers Canadian paper charts. Please visit to view our complete inventory of products.
    Subscriptions are available for all of our paper charts. You never need to worry about not having the most current chart again. To subscribe please call one of our Chart Store specialists at 203-262-9200. For more general inquiries regarding our paper charts, please email us at

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