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Newsletter - November 17th, 2011

Weight and Balance Now Available for Piston Aircraft
We're happy to announce that now offers a Weight and Balance program for piston aircraft. You can set your default information and then quickly and accurately determine your aircraft's weight and balance information for your flight. We currently have a limited number of popular aircraft available but will rapidly be expanding to include most piston single and multi-engine aircraft.

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But you fly a turbine aircraft?  Not a problem!, in conjunction with APG (Aircraft Performance Group) provides not only Weight and Balance information, but also full Runway Analysis for most business aircraft.
Using's runway analysis program, integrated with your flight plans, you may have the ability to depart at heavier gross weights than other take-off performance programs which allow using traditional climb gradient information only. The difference is that's Runway Analysis provides engine-out Special Departure Procedures that utilize APG's proprietary Airport Analyzer. With over 20 years of flight and operations support experience, APG is the leader in Runway Analysis and is your logical choice. See for more info.

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New Interactive Hotel Map
Need a hotel near your overnight layover?'s upgraded hotels mapping can help.

Just enter your layover airport (from the Airport Info section or bottom of the Main Menu page), then click on the HOTELS link. This will show you up to 100 nearby hotels, with a link to the amenities, and costs for each facility. If not already arranged, you can also book the hotel directly from using

While this feature has been on for the last 8 years, what's new is the ability to get the 'big picture' of possible hotels or find out the location of a hotel. With our new interactive mapping, you can use "street maps" to get directions to the hotel or just get a feel of where you are staying. Another click of a button will allow you to see the hotel's location using satellite imagery. With satellite imagery, that promo photo of the hotel won't fool you into thinking you're staying at a resort, when in reality you'll be staying along side railroad tracks, a highway, and Max's Motorcycle Bar. (You'll still have to ask for a room away from the elevators and ice machine.)

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iPhone upgrade
In our latest iPhone upgrade, has added Flight Tracking to its iPhone App.

You can now log into's mobile iPhone site directly from the App to get location weather, route weather, weather radar for a specific location and your route of flight, plus flight tracking information. You can store up to six weather locations, routes, or tail numbers on the iPhone App to minimize typing.

The iPhone App is a free download and is not a trial offer. You can download's iPhone App from the iTunes store.

New! Get Notifications from When Your Flight Plan is Filed
Now you can get an email notice when your flight plan is filed -- immediately after it has been filed -- regardless of whether your aircraft is blocked at the FAA level or flying under a DCM call sign. Similar to our Planned ATC Route/EDCT notifications, this added feature has some added benefits. will notify only the pilots involved with the flight when filed from their account. We'll match up the Tail Number/ Call Sign to the pilot and the co-pilot of the flight. This makes notifications specific to the PIC and SIC and will not send the notice to everyone who has the N number in their account.

To activate your Filed Flight Plan notifications, go to the User/PIC Info link on the left side of the Main Menu page. For each Pilot Information line, go the File Notify column on the right hand side, and check off any pilot who should receive notifications. If the box is selected, we will send an email/text message to the listed email of the captain and co-pilot when their flight plan is filed from that particular account. It's just one more great service that lets pilots know that their flight plan has been filed and is in the system. Joins Aspen Avionics Connected Panel™ Partner Program has become a member of the Connected Panel partner program. This will allow pilots to transfer data directly from their mobile devices to the flight deck using Aspen's new Connected Panel product.

With the launch of our new iPad application and the continued growth of our Droid app, users can easily work on their device of choice using one account. Now with access to the wireless gateway between a pilot's personal device and the certified avionics on the aircraft, pilots will easily be able to load their flight planning data directly to the fight deck.

With its open architecture design, Connected Panel has the ability to be scaled to your needs, opening up new capabilities to all users regardless of budget. Data can be transferred back and forth, saving time, adding accuracy, and simplifying the flight planning process. plans on offering this capability as soon as early 2012.

About Aspen Avionics, Inc.
Aspen Avionics specializes in bringing the most advanced technology and capability into general aviation cockpits-and budgets. Their products increase situational awareness and reduce pilot workload, making it easier and safer to fly in both VFR and IFR conditions. Aspen Avionics designs products to be affordable, easy to install, and easy to own. On Twitter
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