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Newsletter - May 23rd, 2012

Mexican Overflight Regulations: What You Don't Know Can Cost You can help

Most pilots do not realize that Mexico, like most other countries, charges for the use of its airspace and for ATC over-time when pilots use a Mexican airport after hours. If you flew over Mexico at any time in the last 10 years, you may very well owe airspace fees. Here's some background about these regulations and some information on how can help you.
What makes Mexico's regulations unique from other countries are four things:
  1. The regulations are published in Mexico's tax code, not in their Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and therefore do not appear in any international aeronautical publications.

  2. Airspace fees are calculated based on the wingspan of the aircraft and NOT on weight.

  3. Mexico does not issue an invoice to advise pilots that they have incurred a fee. It is the pilot's responsibility to correctly determine the amount owed and to make payment per the regulations.

  4. Airspace and over-time fees can only be paid via a Mexican bank.
Consequently, many pilots are unaware that they owe these fees. With time these fees accumulate interest and back charges, which can grow into very significant amounts.
Who is affected: Pilots should be aware that if during the last 10 years they made a flight through Mexican airspace that neither took off nor landed in Mexico, they are subject to airspace fees. Flights that flew to or from an airport within Mexico ARE NOT subject to these fees. Also, any pilot that used a Mexican airport outside of normal hours has incurred an ATC overtime fee which must be paid using the same procedures as airspace fees. Although these regulations have been in place for many years, they were not strictly enforced until December of 2011. As a result, many pilots trying to fly through Mexican airspace with unpaid fees are being denied entry by ATC.
What do I do?: Understanding the frustration felt by pilots who find themselves in this situation, has developed a plan to assist pilots in resolving this situation and to avoid it happening again. For a reasonable fee, we can do the legwork for you, so you have smooth flying.
Our Mexican Overflight Fee Payment Service can help you:
  • Find out if you owe fees to the Mexican government and how much they are

  • Distribute your payment to the Mexican authorities for flights already made, and send you a receipt as proof of payment. (Keep in mind that the Mexican government requires that payment be made from a Mexican bank. Credit cards, checks and wire transfers from U.S. banks are not accepted.) handles all that for you.

  • Handle your payments for future trips
For prices and more information contact or Click Here.

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If you have plans for flying to Canada this summer, please remember has the charts you need. Whether TAC & Sectional Charts (VNC), hi/low enroute charts to Approach Charts (CAP), or Canadian Flight Supplement (including the Water Supplement), can meet your needs.
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For Premium Flight Trackers:
If you've recently blocked your N number, let us know

The June BARR List will be released in a few weeks. If you're a Premium Flight Tracker with, and you've recently blocked your aircraft at the vendor level, be sure to let us know. For uninterrupted service, we need you to contact us by June 1 if your aircraft is on the June BARR list. Even if you were using to track your blocked tail number before the NBAA's BARR program was canceled, it's important to touch base with us so you can live track and continue getting your notifications.
Please remember that blocking your tail number is a free service of the FAA. There is never any need to pay someone to block your tail number.
Once you've submitted your paperwork to the FAA to block your tail number, please contact our office so that we can update our files and reinstate your Premium Flight Tracking for those blocked tail numbers. You can send an email to If you're not currently a Premium Flight Tracker but would like to be, we can help you with that, too. Premium Flight Tracking costs $14.95 a month and allows you to track up to 10 of your blocked tail numbers.
Don't be fooled by high priced flight tracking companies charging over $700/yr to track just one blocked aircraft. provides the same service for just $14.95/month for up to 10 aircraft.
For more information on blocking your tail number or tracking your blocked tail number Click Here.

New Android Mobile Information & Help Guide
Our comprehensive guide to the Android App has been updated to give you the best help possible for using our App on your Android device. Find clear and detailed instructions on all facets of using your App by going to

Weight & Balance Program Continues to Expand continues to add more aircraft to our Weight & Balance program.
We now have over 135 various makes and models in our database. This list includes 20 turbo-prop aircraft and is growing.
We will begin adding jets to our Weight & Balance over the coming weeks.
Use the Wt. & Bal. link on the left side of the Main Menu to access this feature.

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