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March 12, 2014

FltBrief Newsletter - March 12, 2014  

The image above shows a sectional base layer with route, breadcrumbs, radar, Canadian radar, surface analysis and echo tops overlays. Click on images to zoom.

This image shows options that allow you to select weather overlays and adjust their opacity.
FltPlan Now Offers Velocity Weather by Baron Services

FltPlan has added Velocity Weather by Baron Services™ to provide a selection of real-time and predictive weather information. With sophisticated weather graphics, FltPlan users can integrate advanced weather data with their flight plan route on high/low IFR charts and VFR sectionals.

Velocity Weather by Baron™ on FltPlan offers the following:

•  U.S. and Canadian weather data
•  Superior quality graphics
•  Selectable weather overlays for routes and maps.

Selectable weather layer options include:

Visible and Infrared Satellite (IR) – Visible Satellite images are basically photographs of the earth from space. They are for use during daylight hours only. Visible Infrared Satellite (IR) translates the temperature of infrared radiation into visual imagery. Generally speaking, the warmest emissions are displayed as dark grays, the coldest as bright white. Because the temperature of the atmosphere decreases with height, brighter clouds on IR images indicate that they are higher in the atmosphere.

Surface Analysis – A Surface Weather Analysis provides a current view of weather elements over a geographical area based on information from ground-based weather stations.

Radar Weather – Ground-based or airborne radar used by the meteorological service to supplement its knowledge of current conditions, varying from thunderstorm to upper-wind locations. Radar weather is designed to locate turbulent clouds within a wide area ahead of the aircraft to discriminate between safe and potentially turbulent areas in cloud formations.

Cloud Cover – Cloud cover refers to the fraction of the sky obscured by clouds when observed from a particular location.

Echo Tops – An Echo Top is the radar indicated top of an area of precipitation. Echo tops can be used to assess the intensity of a storm.

This all adds up to improved accuracy, by allowing you to select variable weather options all on one map with your route included.

This enhanced weather data is free and available on and the FltPlan Go apps for Android and iPad.


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These images show the same route with different weather overlays and base maps selected.

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