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Newsletter - June 27th, 2013

The FAA Ceases Chart Subscription Sales on July 1, 2013:
The FltPlan.com Chart Store has you covered for paper chart subscriptions

You may have already heard that the FAA is ending its subscription service for paper charts. (The exceptions are government agencies and existing subscriptions, which will be honored until they expire). You will now need to get your chart subscriptions from an authorized dealer, and FltPlan.com is one of the largest FAA authorized dealers around. Not only do we offer subscriptions, but all U.S. paper charts are 20% off list price. You never need to worry about reordering or wonder if your charts are up to date. FltPlan.com has your back.
Now is a good time to order your subscription, as The FltPlan.com Chart Store is offering updated June 27, 2013 editions of charts for sale. The charts will be shipped to you the same day you order, and you will receive them within 3 to 5 business days. The FltPlan.com Chart Store also offers Canadian paper charts.
Please visit http://store.fltplan.com to view our complete inventory of products - including helicopter charts.
New Sectionals
Great Falls
Los Angeles
St. Louis
Twin Cities
NEW TAC- Terminal Area Charts
TAC Cincinnati
TAC Los Angeles
TAC Minneapolis- St. Paul
TAC St. Louis
TAC San Diego
New WAC- World Aeronautical Charts
If you have any questions about our paper charts, please call a Chart Store representative at 203-262-9200 or email us at Store@FltPlan.com.

FltPlan.com Chart Store

Our Latest iPad App Feature: Pressure & Density Altitude Calculator
The newest addition to our FltPlan.com iPad app is the Pressure Altitude and Density Altitude Calculator. This is an easy to use, professional grade tool for all pilots who need accurate information when calculating Pressure and/or Density altitude.

Our calculator offers a multitude of options and features:
  • You can enter an altitude in feet or meters, a pressure in inHg or millibars, and a temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • In addition, you can enter in an Airport ID in the altitude text field. This will automatically populate with the appropriate altitude. For example, typing in "ASE" will provide an altitude for KASE (7838 ft). You can view this in feet or meters.
  • This Tool will display ISA for the altitude entered and the ISA deviation for the actual temperature entered.
  • Can be used online or offline.
  • We also provide a quick link to view the weather for that airport. Once you type in an Airport ID a "View Wx" button will appear. Selecting this button will allow you to quickly view the weather for the airport.
    After several uses, you'll soon find this an indispensible part of your flights. You can find this new feature in the Tools section of the iPad app. This feature is also available on our Android and Blackberry apps.

    Corporate Angel Network Requests at Least 72 Hours Notice
    For those pilots registered with Corporate Angel Network, the folks at CAN are requesting at least 72 hours advance notice if you have a flight that is available to their patients. A week would be better. It takes time to coordinate the patients' travel, and sometimes short notice makes participation difficult or impossible.
    If you are not a member of the Corporate Angel Network, your company should consider participating in this great program that helps those in need.
    FltPlan.com users have the option of making their schedules available to Corporate Angel Network (CAN), the non-profit organization that arranges free air transportation for cancer patients who need to travel for specialized treatment. After registering with CAN, FltPlan.com users can select the flights they want to make available, and the schedule is automatically sent to CAN's secure data base. CAN then looks for possible matches with their patients' requests.
    Please see https://www.fltplan.com/CanInfoEmbedded.htm for more information, or click on the link on the left side of the FltPlan.com Main Menu page.

    For Our PDC Customers:
    PDCs now available from your Android and iPad apps

    If you are using FltPlan.com's PDC service, you can now get your PDC directly from your Android or iPad app. This is in addition to receiving them through email or from the FltPlan.com website. FltPlan.com has you covered across multiple devices.

    FltPlan.com's PDC service is seeing great success and offers convenience for pilots of Jet & Turbo Props that are NOT equipped with a datalink box on board their aircraft.
    Pre-Departure Clearances (PDCs) are text clearances issued for an IFR flight plan. They are available at 70 airports throughout the U.S.
    The PDC will include:
    * Your Filed Route
    * Any amendments to your route
    * Your Cleared Altitude
    * Your Transponder Code
    * Your Departure Frequency
    * Any Special Instructions
    For more information or to sign up for PDC notification through FltPlan.com, please Click here.
    For a full article on PDCs, please see http://flttrack.fltplan.com/fltbrief/May2013/fltbriefvol2.htm#1.
    Our popular Android and iPad apps are always free. You can get the Android app at the Google Play Store. The iPad app is available on the iTunes Store.

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