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Newsletter - June 11th, 2013

Cuban Overflight Permit Changes: FltPlan.com has you covered
FltPlan.com continues to add services that make life easier for pilots with our new Cuban Overflight Service.
Recently, there's been a change in how Cuba handles Cuban overflight permits. These changes will impact the cost of Cuban overflights for many operators. According to Cuban regulations, aircraft owners who overfly Cuba with the intent to visit a country for tourism purposes are exempt from paying Cuban permit and airspace fees. In addition, operators or flying clubs participating in aviation events are also exempt from these fees. However, Cuba has detected that there are aircraft being exempted from these fees that do not meet their requirements. Therefore, Cuba is changing how they apply their regulations going forward.
The Cuba overflight permit office has decided that the ONLY way that they will exempt a flight from permit and airspace fees is if the owner-pilot contacts them directly to request the permit and explain the purpose of the flight. For US citizens, however, this presents a problem because the US embargo of Cuba specifically prohibits US citizens from obtaining a permit from the Cuban government (even if there will be no fees related to the permit) without first obtaining a license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Treasury.
That's where FltPlan.com comes in. Our new Cuban Overflight Service takes the hassle out for you. Click here for more information.

Shared Account Feature Great for Flight Instructors
Recently we had a flight instructor ask us how he can view or review his students' flight plans and weather briefings for dual and solo cross-country flights. The answer was simple: our Shared Account feature. (See our FltBrief Newsletter http://flttrack.fltplan.com/fltbrief/March2012/fltbriefvol1.htm#2.)
Over the past several months, FltPlan.com has expanded our 'Shared' Navigational Log and Weather feature to Multi Printout, Route Weather, and Flt Listing (left side of Main Menu). With pilots set up for sharing data across independent FltPlan.com accounts, instructors can view Routes, NavLogs and current Weather/Notams for a student pilot's flight. These can also be downloaded to the instructor's iPad, Android, or Blackberry device for online and offline viewing. Access is restricted to viewing the Route, NavLog and Weather/Notams. The student's account and flight plan data are protected from changes by others, and only the specific student and his instructor can view them.
Our Flt Listing page is also a great way to quickly get the 'big picture' of all your students' upcoming flights. Flight plans can also be viewed from the Multi Printout & Weather/Notam page, on the left side of the Main Menu page.
Both pilots (student pilot and Instructor) must opt in, using their respective accounts in the Default Settings page (also on the left side of the Main Menu page).
For instructors with several student pilots, FltPlan.com lets you include up to 20 FltPlan.com usernames that can be selected on/off, so usernames do not need to be re-entered.


Check your Weather and Make Sure it's Documented
When planes crash, both the FAA and NTSB go looking for a wide spectrum of information, including what kind of flight planning and weather information were obtained by the PIC.
Unfortunately in some cases, the pilots have not documented that they performed adequate preflight planning for their flight, including checking their weather.
When we say 'documented', we are referring to using a source of weather and notams that keeps a record of your weather requests and preflight planning (such as FltPlan.com, Duats, or FSS does). FltPlan.com keeps a record of the weather and notams you received for a minimum of 6 months. Additionally, FltPlan.com is an FAA-certified source of weather and notams.
The caveat with FltPlan.com is that you must be logged in with your username and password in order for this data to be associated with your flight.
Checking the weather from the log-in page (without the use of your username), is not a documented briefing. Nor is it a document-able event when using the Weather channel, a weather kiosk at a FBO (unless logged in with your name or Tail number), or any of the multitude of 'aviation weather' websites and Apps that are not saving your weather briefing and associating it with your name or your tail number. This information can be helpful in your preflight planning, but it is not a substitute for a documented check of the weather and notams.
The bottom line for using FltPlan.com is please log in to your account when checking the weather. When things go bad, FltPlan.com can easily correlate your preflight planning with your name/tail number and provide the FAA/NTSB the necessary information to show that weather and notams were obtained and what information you received.

Don't Forget FltPlan.com's PDC Delivery Service
FltPlan.com now offers PDCs for Jet & Turbo Props that are NOT equipped with a datalink box on board their aircraft.
Pre-Departure Clearances (PDCs) are text clearances issued for an IFR flight plan. They are available at 70 airports throughout the U.S.
The PDC will include:
  • Your Filed Route
  • Any amendments to your route
  • Your Cleared Altitude
  • Your Transponder Code
  • Your Departure Frequency
  • Any Special Instructions

    For a full article on PDCs, please see our last FltBrief
    For more information or to sign up for PDC notification through FltPlan.com, please Click Here.

    Remember the FltPlan.com Chart Store for all your Paper Charts
    The FltPlan.com Chart Store offers a wide range of paper charts for all your needs. You can purchase Airport/Facility Directories, High Altitude Enroute Charts, IFR Terminal Procedures, Low Altitude Enroute Charts, Sectional Charts, Terminal Area Charts and World Aeronautical Charts. Subscriptions are available.
    A new cycle of charts is being updated for June 27, 2013, so now is a good time to place your order. The FltPlan.com Chart Store also offers Canadian paper charts. Please visit http://store.fltplan.com to view our complete inventory of products.
    All U.S. charts are available at 20% off list price. Please visit http://store.fltplan.com for more details.

    Not Getting your Notifications? Make sure FltPlan is not sent to spam
    If you're not getting your Planned ATC Routes, Filed Notices, EDCT, or premium notifications (such as PDCs, SMS alerts, eAPIS confirmation) and you've already checked that the email addresses are correct, it could be that the notifications are getting marked as spam by your company's IT department, your email provider, or your antivirus software. Please make sure all emails from Info@FltPlan2.com, Info@FltPlan.com, and Support@FltPlan.net are whitelisted. We know your notifications are important to you; help us help you.

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