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Newsletter - July 31st, 2012

Check Out Our Document Storage Feature
With's latest feature you can upload, store, and retrieve up to 10mb of documents, free of charge, in your account.
This is a great tool for uploading expense reports, schedules checklists, receipts, trip sheets, and more. Most file formats are accepted including .doc, .docx, .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .txt, and many more. You can upload the document on your home computer and then access it from your laptop, iPad, Android device, or office computer ...all from within your account.
One of the best parts of this feature is the ability to share these documents across multiple user accounts. Any accounts that have been set up for sharing NavLogs and Weather (see previous FltBrief: will now be able to share documents. Utilizing this capability, one pilot can allow other specifically authorized users to view their documents. For instance, a scheduler or dispatcher could upload a document to their account, and any other authorized account would automatically have access to this information.
To use this feature, look for the Document link at the bottom left-hand side of the Main Menu page.


Mexican Overflight Regulations: Let help cut through the red tape
At this point, it's no secret that Mexico is now enforcing its overflight fees retroactively. The good news is that can determine if you owe fees and help you manage your payments.
You can read the details about Mexican overflight regulations in our previous article:
In short, our Mexican Overflight Fee Payment Service can help you:
  • Find out if you owe fees to the Mexican government and how much they are

  • Distribute your payment to the Mexican authorities for flights already made and send you a receipt as proof of payment. (Keep in mind that the Mexican government requires that payment be made from a Mexican bank. Credit cards, checks and wire transfers from U.S. banks are not accepted.)

  • Handle your payments for future trips

    For prices and more information contact or Click Here.

    SMS Seminar a Success in Chicago, Coming Soon to Dallas, in partnership with the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF), held its second SMS Informational Seminar in Chicago on July 18th. The seminar was a great success and it was a pleasure to see so many users interested in learning more about SMS.
    Plans have already been made for holding another free SMS informational seminar in Dallas TX on October 10, with special Guest Speaker Former FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. We'll keep you posted in our FltBrief newsletter and on the website when registration becomes available. This is a free informative event that will de-mystify SMS and give you the knowledge for understanding what SMS is, how it can benefit your company's flight department, and how's web-based SMS system can make it all easy for you.

    ...And Speaking of SMS! Now upload video to your SMS account. continues to expand its SMS (Safety Management Systems) service. SMS is a standardized method of identifying risks, assessing the probability and severity of those risks, and creating procedures to mitigate the risks. While's SMS program already allowed you to upload photos or document, it now also allows you to upload video for a specific risk. For instance, for an aircraft/hangar incident, you could include video and photos of a damaged wingtip, statements from those involved, and insurance reports. All of these could be easily viewed by those authorized. For more information on's SMS system, please see or call our SMS office at 731-855-8000.

    Just When You Thought You Could Fly with Privacy on the BARR List
    Aircraft owners and operators concerned with the privacy of their flights should be aware that there is a new website that is planning on using ATC communications to circumvent the FAA's BARR list. It was recently reported in Forbes Magazine that a new company plans on using voice recognition software to correlate ATC radio communication (where tail numbers are broadcast over the radio) with company names and itinerary. The website will then display this information (or possibly sell this information to others). This would fly in the face of the FAA's BARR list where owners can keep their flights from being available to the public. The good news for customers utilizing our Dot Com call sign service is that this new method of stalking aircraft owners will not succeed in exposing their flight information, since no tail number is used over the radio. Android App Works Great on New Google Nexus Tablet
    The Nexus 7 Android tablet by Google - made available earlier this month - becomes the latest mobile device that supports Mobile. The Nexus 7 is equipped with a fast processor and is a leading device for multi-media. The Nexus 7 is easy to hold in the palm of your hand, yet has a big enough screen (7-inch diagonal) for viewing approach charts, NavLogs, and weather briefings while in the cockpit (online or offline). The Nexus joins other tablets, like Amazon's Kindle Fire, the Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive, and the Samsung Galaxy series that all run's mobile Android App.

    Some new features for FltPlan Mobile on Android
    In our most recent update for our Android App we introduced a very useful utility for the Approach Charts feature. The "Favorites" list, introduced earlier this month, allows users to place any currently downloaded airport into a single list. This helps reduce the time it takes to navigate from one list to another when trying to look at a procedure.
    In the most recent update - version 2.6.4 - you can quickly and easily enter airport IDs, whether they are downloaded or not, into the Favorites list. You can then use the update button to download them all at once (if not already downloaded).
    With the new update feature the App will queue the Downloader with the expired and not-downloaded airports. Just press the Start button to begin, and your new charts will be downloaded and available to view offline.
    You can also queue up a list of airports that you'd like to download by using the "Add" button (the button with the green plus icon). After adding the airports that you wish to download, select the "Update All" button and you'll be ready to start the download.
    In addition to this great new feature, we have also simplified the State and Region downloads for the Approach Chart feature. State and Region downloading is applied in a more concrete and simplified way. This new process of downloading a state may appear the same at first, but the download is much more stable for the typical cellular data connection. This new change actually produces much faster download speeds (on both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G) and you'll most likely notice less stalls and hang-ups.
    You can download the latest version (2.6.4) from the Google Play Market:
    Kindle Fire users please refer to the Amazon Appstore for Android:
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