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Newsletter - July 12th, 2012

SMS Seminar Coming in July to Chicago
FltPlan.com will be hosting an SMS (Safety Management System) Informational Seminar in partnership with ACSF (Air Charter Safety Foundation). This is a live event, not a webinar. The presentation will take place in Chicago on July 18th, starting promptly at 9:00am Central Time and ending at 5:00pm. This SMS Seminar will provide helpful information in regard to the development and implementation of your company's SMS Program.
To register Click Here. Each attendee is required to register separately. After receiving the registration form and being qualified as an SMS participant, further details will be provided via email. Registration closes Sunday July 15th, 2012.

New Free Document Storage Feature
In the last FltBrief, FltPlan.com announced our latest enhancement to our flight planning program. You can now upload, store, and retrieve up to 10mb of documents, free of charge, in your FltPlan.com account.
This is a great tool for uploading expense reports, schedules, checklists, receipts, trip sheets, and more. Most file formats are accepted including .doc, docx, .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .txt, and many more. You can upload the document on your home computer and then access it from your laptop, mobile device (e.g. iPad, Android, etc.) or office computer... all from within your FltPlan.com account.
What makes this feature even more powerful is the ability to share these documents across multiple user accounts by using our shared account feature. Any accounts that have been set up for sharing NavLogs and Weather (see previous FltBrief: http://flttrack.fltplan.com/fltbrief/March2012/fltbriefvol1.htm#2) will now be able to share documents. Utilizing this capability, one pilot can allow other specifically authorized FltPlan.com users to view their documents. For instance, a scheduler or dispatcher could upload a document to their account, and any other authorized account would automatically have access to this information.
To use this feature, look for the Document link at the bottom left-hand side of the Main Menu page.

FltPlan.com Chart Store

FltPlan.com Chart Store Offers a Wide Selection of Canadian Paper Products
The FltPlan.com Chart Store is continuing to experience great success and is widening its inventory to better suit your needs.
We've been carrying U.S. paper charts for the last several months, and have recently introduced Canadian paper charts into our inventory. So if you're planning on taking a trip to Canada this summer, these charts are going to be essential.
We offer the Canada Flight Supplement, Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement, Canada Air Pilots, Canadian High Altitude Enroute Charts, Canadian Low Altitude Enroute Charts, Canadian Visual Terminal Area Charts (VNCs), and Canadian VTAs.
We can ship Canadian paper charts to anywhere in the U.S.
Recurring subscriptions are also available to all of our paper chart products.
To visit the FltPlan.com Chart Store Click Here for http://store.fltplan.com.
If you have any questions about our paper charts, please call a Chart Store representative at 203-262-9200 or email us at Store@FltPlan.com.

Just to Confuse You: U.S. Airports in Canadian Airspace
The following four airports (KBLI, KORS, WA09, 38W), while in the U.S., are in Canadian airspace. Canada now requires ICAO format flight plans. When using FltPlan.com, this will not be an issue, since our system will prompt you to use ICAO format. However if you file with another flight planning service in Domestic format, the flight plan will be rejected by the Nav Canada computer system. If this happens the flight plan will need to be manually entered into the ATC system by Canadian controllers (which could cause delays and puts an added burden on Canadian Controllers).
Please be sure to use ICAO format when filing to/from the following airports:
KBLI - Bellingham, WA
KORS - Orcas Island, WA
WA09 - Roche Harbor, WA
38W - Lynden, WA
This is all part of the big change coming in November. Please see the next article.

Stay on Top of ICAO 2012 Changes with FltPlan.com
As you may already know, FltPlan.com was the first in bringing the ICAO format changes to the GA population in June 2008. As the largest flight planning company in North America, we are very aware of the new changes that will be taking place in November 2012 and will implement them with a simple process for compliance with ICAO 2012. Leave the hard work to FltPlan.com when it comes to the ICAO Format. We will keep you posted through our FltBrief with any information regarding the new ICAO Format.

ASOS/AWOS Frequencies/Phone Numbers Now Listed with Enroute Weather
FltPlan.com will now display any ASOS/AWOS frequencies and phone numbers next to enroute weather locations.
This can be used both before the flight by using the phone number listed, or while in the air using the associated frequency.

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