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Newsletter - July 28th, 2011

New Enhancement to iPad App's new iPad app upgrade now lets you view and automatically save your NavLog and FAA Certified QICP Weather for off-line viewing. In the past, pilots have been emailing their NavLog and Route weather to their iPad (or taking screen shots), but with our latest feature, it is all now seamlessly accomplished with the push of a button.

The iPad app is a companion tool to the website. With the ease of entry from a variety of sources including your iPad's Safari browser, cellphone, laptop, or desktop, you can easily transfer your flight plan routes, NavLogs, and Weather briefing to your iPad app for off-line viewing. In addition, with GPS on your iPad, you can watch your aircraft's progress along your route.
Combined with your graphical flight plan routes overlaid on IFR enroute charts, your flight's NavLog, and your FAA certified weather briefing, all the information you need is now available off-line from


The just released, downloadable NavLog and Weather feature is one of the many new enhancements planned for the iPad over the coming weeks and months.

To download the app, please visit the AppStore on your device and search for FltPlan or click here:
The App is titled, "FltPlan - Flight Plans, Charts, Moving Maps".

The BARR List is to be Discontinued
Blocked tail numbers will now be TRACKABLE

The NBAA's BARR list has been an aviation staple for years, allowing you to block your tail number from public viewing. But as things stand, the BARR list will be discontinued on August 2, 2011. This means if you have a tail number that was blocked, it will soon become viewable on all flight tracking sites. The general public will be able to track your N number on at least eight free, public websites. Additionally, there are numerous other fee-based services that provide data about your flights to subscribers.

Nav Canada ACC Phone Numbers Now Included on NavLogs for Canadian Flights
Now when you create a Canadian flight plan, your NavLog will include the phone number for the correct ACC (Area Control Center). For the departure airport, this will appear on the top right-hand side of the NavLog, right after the FSS phone number, which we have always included. For the arrival airport, the numbers will be included at the bottom of the NavLog. This way, if you need to contact Nav Canada, the phone number is right at your fingertips.

As a further note: The numbers in parentheses after the U.S. FSS phone numbers are the correct two or three number state codes for being connected to the appropriate FSS Briefer. This way you do not have to listen to the various options over the phone.

Save your Weather Preference with new feature now lets you save your personal preferences for the Weather page. The Weather page will now automatically default to any preselected preferences that you have entered from the Weather Default link. This includes Location Weather, State Collective, Route Weather, Airport Radar Loop, NWS Weather, Enhanced Weather, and the various options for Notams (FDC, Center, or General).
The Default Weather link can be found on the Weather page.

2011 Pilots' Choice Award Winners
Congratulations to the winners of's 2011 Pilots' Choice Awards. Check out their photos, as they proudly display their awards. Click here to see the winners.

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