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Newsletter - January 13th, 2014

Let FltPlan Help You Comply with Mexican APIS
In the last few weeks Mexico has begun to require pilots to submit electronic Advanced Passenger Information (APIS) to the Mexican government before every flight entering or exiting Mexico. Whether you fly a C172 or a Gulfstream V, you need to comply. Fines from the Mexican government can be as much as $5,000 (U.S. dollars).
Once again, FltPlan has you covered. FltPlan was the first organization to be certified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for our already successful U.S. eAPIS service, and now we are an approved provider of APIS data to the Mexican government.
Not only does FltPlan submit your Mexican APIS electronically, we also provide you with a special call-in phone number so you can comply with Mexican requirements for sending your electronic APIS manifest after the cabin door is closed. Other companies require the pilot to make this last minute submission manually from a website.
If you are flying to or from Mexico, avoid a $5,000 fine. Contact's Special Services office at 1-731-855-8000 to enroll in our Mexican APIS program.


Visit at the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Show
The NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers show is taking place this week in New Orleans, LA and will be there. Stop by the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Booth 134 from January 14th through January 17th. We'll be there all day to greet you and answer your questions.

FltPlan has Record Breaking Year
FltPlan continues to grow, and 2013 was our busiest year to date. We saw a 4 percent increase in flight plans filed over 2012. (When you are talking millions of flight plans, 4 percent is a lot!) Additionally, last month was the busiest December in our 14-year history. Stay with us as we continue to grow and to offer new features.

What does CMK0100 mean on my NavLog?
In order to provide the most accurate flight times and fuel burn information, adds what we call "pseudo" waypoints to your navigational log.
CMK0100 means a pseudo waypoint 100nm from the CMK VOR.
PEBBY0050 means a pseudo waypoint 50nm from the PEBBY intersection.
KSAF0200 means a pseudo waypoint 200nm from the KSAF airport.
These points are added when you create a flight plan with a long DIRECT segment between navaids, fixes or Airports.

For instance if you create a flight plan from TLH to HOU with a route of SZW J2 CEW (and then direct to KHOU), will insert three additional points on the NavLog.


By doing this, is providing points every 100nm for ETE and fuel burn information. This provides the pilot with the accurate information needed while in flight for how-goes-it comparisons.
In the example above, the winds vary by more than 30kts on this DIRECT segment, and groundspeed changes by 23kts.

Some notes:
  1.) These points are not filed with ATC. The filed route is what you entered, and this route is listed on the top left side of the NavLog.
2.) The distance between pseudo waypoints varies based on Route distance and aircraft speed. (e.g. A Cessna 172 might get pseudo waypoints every 10 miles on short leg, and a Lear 45 might get 100nm pseudo waypoints.)
3.) You can enter these points into your FMS, if you wish using the Lat/Long listed on the NavLog. Then enter the forecast winds associated with these pseudo waypoints. On Twitter
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