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Newsletter - January 21st, 2013 Makes Filing a TEC Route Easy
First some background: Within the national airspace system it is possible for a pilot to fly IFR from one point to another without leaving approach control airspace. This is referred to as 'Tower Enroute Control,' which allows flight beneath the ATC Center enroute structure. The TEC concept has been expanded (where practical) by reallocating airspace vertically/geographically to allow flight planning between city pairs while remaining within approach control airspace. Pilots are encouraged to use the TEC routes and restrictions when filing flight plans within Southern California. Other airways which appear to be more direct between two points may take the aircraft out of approach control airspace resulting in additional delays or other complications.
Now makes life easier by allowing you to select TEC routes directly from the flight plan creation page with the click of a mouse. You can also look at the FAA TEC routes from the website (document section), our iPad app (documents section), or from the Legends and General Info section on our Android app. At your desk or on the go, has you covered.


New Cycle of Charts Available at the Chart Store
The Chart Store is now offering updated January 10, 2013 editions of charts for sale. You can place your orders for these new charts now, and the charts will be shipped to you within several days. The Chart Store also offers Canadian paper charts. Please visit to view our complete inventory of products.
New Sectionals:
Great Falls
Twin Cities
New TAC Charts:
Denver/Colorado Springs
Minneapolis-St. Paul
Subscriptions are available for all of our paper charts. You never need to worry about not having the most current chart again. To subscribe please call one of our Chart Store specialists at 203-262-9200. For general inquiries regarding our paper charts, please email us at

Pilots' Choice Awards
Voting starts February 1, 2013

We're already starting to get questions about the 2013 Pilots' Choice Awards. Voting will start on February 1st. You'll have a chance to cast your ballot for your favorite FBO, favorite tower location, and more. Keep reading in FltBrief for more details. We will also put a notice on the website.

Legends and Info Now Available on iPad App
Last month we announced that provides easy access to the legends of various FAA publications on both the website and our Android app. Now we also offer this feature on the iPad app. The Legend includes info on Approach charts for the U.S. & Canada, Airport/Facility Directory, Sectionals, High and Low Altitude Charts, and TEC routes.
Select the Documents button and then tap Downloads to get a full list of legends available. You can also display your own saved documents. See our previous newsletter

Weight & Balance Now Available Offline on Android App's latest update to our Android app is an offline, interactive Weight & Balance calculator.

This feature is a companion tool to our popular web-based Weight & Balance program. The Android app's W&B feature integrates with your online Weight & Balance info. You can import your aircraft's W&B data directly to your Android app, with no need to re-enter your aircraft parameters. You can then use this data offline when no internet access is available. This is a great tool that will let you do last minute calculations on the ramp, or when enroute and planning your next fuel load. This feature will also soon be available on our iPad app.
No matter where you are, or what device you're using, you can count on

Visit at the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Show
The NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers show is taking place this week in San Antonio, Texas and will be there. Stop by the San Antonio Convention Center, Booth 438 on Wednesday January 23 or Thursday January 24. We'll be there all day to greet you and answer your questions. Offers Free Logbook program, now with more new features
Last month we at announced our full featured eLogbook. It has received a great reception and is becoming very popular with our users. The eLogbook integrates with your account, so you can transfer your flight plans directly without retyping all your data, or it can be used as a stand alone logbook program. Now you can import your past totals and add passenger info to each flight, as well.

The eLogbook is designed for use by student pilots right up to corporate or airline captains. It offers selectable columns and works with flights for both captain and co-pilot. The logbook also allows you to set up aircraft profiles based on tail numbers. It will then fill in the appropriate categories like twin engine jet, seaplane, etc. You can enter your past flights or begin with totals from previous logbooks. You can also now store passenger info including names, addresses, and phone numbers and assign them to the appropriate flights.
The logbook pages will be printable and exportable to Excel spreadsheets. On Twitter
Follow us on Twitter for up-to-date information on busiest airports, most used aircraft, and more.
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