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Newsletter - January 27th, 2012 Mobile is Now Available for the Amazon Kindle Fire
Now Kindle Fire users can enjoy the many great features available on Mobile. With our App, you can access your account, view/save weather briefings, track an aircraft, download and manage approach plates, download the Airport/Facility Directory, and (the most recent addition) download the Flt Deck Guide.

The App is only available through the Amazon's Apps for Android store. Go to and search for FltPlan, or use the following link:

If you are not already familiar with our App, Mobile is a great tool for users. It has all the great features mentioned above, plus many more to come.

SMS (Safety Management Systems) is an approaching reality to General Aviation for operators of turbojets and aircraft over 12,500 lbs. wants to make it easier. To that end, in collaboration with the Air Charter Safety Foundation, is offering a free one day SMS seminar on April 24, 2012 in Southbury, CT. Details will follow in coming weeks. Keep reading FltBrief to stay up-to-date.

For DCM (Dot Com) Call Sign Users
DCM Call Sign service enhancement

Lost communications/inflight notification. now allows our DCM call sign users the ability to place their aircraft air-phone number on file with If the need arises, such as lost communications with ATC, will call your aircraft to give you the new center frequency or other necessary instructions. To register your aircraft's phone number, please call our special services line at 1-731-855-8000 (Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time).
For Satcom Direct users, has the ability to text message you while you are in flight to send any pertinent information.

DCM call sign now trackable
For those operators that need the ability for their support staff to track their aircraft movements, now has the ability to assign you a trackable call sign. DCM operators can still utilitize their untrackable call sign if desired.

Receive planned ATC routes and proposed email notices
DCM callsign users can now receive notice that their flight plan is in the ATC system, as well as receiving their Planned ATC Route.

New default setting for DCM call sign users
DCM call sign users can now choose whether the NavLog defaults to your tail number, a blocked call sign or a trackable call sign. You can find our Default Settings link on the left side of the Main Menu page (near the bottom).

For more information on use of your DCM Call Sign, please call 1-731-855-8000 9-5 (Eastern) M-F.

Hot Topics
We've run some articles in the past with information that we feel is worth repeating. If you didn't see these the first time around, take a look:

ICAO Equipment Suffixes:
"Where did my /Q go? It's showing /M!"

Did You Know:
You can get your planned ATC Route to your cell phone


Don't Be Confused by a STAR's Names

NRS Waypoints for High Altitude RNAV Equipped Aircraft

New Enhancement: Fuel/Tech stops made easy is pleased to announce our new Fuel Stop program.
* Our fuel stop program is integrated with your specific aircraft performance and uses either current winds aloft or historical winds for the day of your trip. Base your stop on planned flight time, rather than distance alone.
* The background maps for our fuel stop program can be easily changed to Sectionals, High/Low altitude charts, terrain, or street maps.
* You can select airport stops based on your criteria including distance, flight time, runway length, Instrument approach and fuel requirements.
* You can toggle On/Off Weather and TFR information.
* A direct link to full airport and FBO information is available from the interactive map.
* There is a listing of Airports and FBOs below the map, including Instrument Approach Procedures, Weather and Fuel Prices.
* You are able to choose your airport and then locate that specific airport on your route map.

Click to View

Our new Fuel Stop program works great on desktops, laptops, iPads and Androids.

The Fuel Stop section can be found on the left side of the Main Menu page, and also in the Quick Info section. Announces Our New Chart Store
  We are excited to announce the opening of's Chart Store. The store will be opening on Wednesday, February 1st. You will be able to purchase Airport/Facility Directories, High Altitude Enroute Charts, IFR Terminal Procedures, Low Altitude Enroute Charts, Sectional Charts, Terminal Area Charts and World Aeronautical Charts. All our charts are available at 20% off list price. Please visit beginning February 1st for more details. On Twitter
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