Pilots Choice Awards 2012
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Newsletter - January 11th, 2012

Our Newest Android App Feature: The Flt Deck Airport/FBO Information Guide

Our Flt Deck Guide contains airport and FBO information for over 6,000 airports (US, Canada, Mexico and many more). The Flt Deck Guide is designed to be downloaded once and is available entirely offline.

Updated information will be available twice a month, on the 1st and on the 15th.

Visit the Android Market to download our latest version 2.4.1. https://market.android.com/details?id=app.fltplan.

Pilots Choice Awards 2012

In Case Things Go Bad
Ensure that your weather check is documented

2011 does not appear to have been a good year for Business and General Aviation safety. When planes crash, both the FAA and NTSB go looking for a wide spectrum of information, including what kind of flight planning and weather information were obtained by the PIC.

Unfortunately in some cases, the pilots have not documented that they indeed did check the weather or performed adequate preflight planning for their flight.

When we say 'documented', we are referring to using a source of weather and notams that keeps a record of your weather requests and preflight planning (such as FltPlan.com, Duats, or FSS does). FltPlan.com keeps a record of the weather and notams you received for a minimum of 6 months. And FltPlan.com is an FAA-certified source of weather and notams.

The caveat with FltPlan.com is that you must be logged in with your username and password in order for this data to be associated with your flight.

Checking the weather from the log-in page (without the use of your username), is not a documented briefing. Nor is it a document-able event when using the Weather channel, a weather kiosk at a FBO (unless logged in with your name or Tail number), or any of the multitude of 'aviation weather' websites and Apps that are not saving your weather briefing and associating it with your name or your tail number. This information can be helpful in your preflight planning, but it is not a substitute for a documented check of the weather and notams.

The bottom line for using FltPlan.com, please log in to your account when checking the weather. When things go bad, FltPlan.com can easily correlate your preflight planning with your name/tail number and provide the FAA/NTSB the necessary information to show that weather and notams were obtained and what information you received.

Notice to Our Premium Flight Tracking Customers
Since the Barr program has been reinstated, many of our Premium Flight Trackers have once again blocked their tail numbers. There's just one more thing to do: Let us know.

Once you've submitted your paperwork to the FAA to block your tail number, please contact our office so that we can update our paperwork and reinstate your Premium Flight Tracking for those blocked tail numbers. Even if you were using FltPlan.com to track your blocked tail number before the NBAA's BARR program was canceled, we need you to let us know that you're back on the blocked tail list.

If you're not currently a Premium Flight Tracker but would like to be, we can help you with that, too. Premium Flight Tracking costs $14.95 a month and allows you to track up to 10 of your blocked tail numbers.

For more information on blocking your tail number or tracking your blocked tail number Click Here.

Satcom Direct Users
Now get your pre-departure clearance (with Recall Number) emailed to you

FltPlan.com, in conjunction with Satcom Direct, allows you to get your FltPlan.com NavLog information sent directly to the flight deck.

Last month we announced that Satcom Direct customers can get their pre-departure clearance directly from the FltPlan.com Active Flight Plan List. Now, if you're a Satcom user, you can also get your PDC and Recall number sent to you as an email or a text message. The PDC email will only go to the PIC/SIC associated with that flight, based on your FltPlan.com filed flight plan. To activate this feature, go to the User/PIC Info link on the left side of the Main Menu page and select the File Notify column.

For more information on uploading your flight plan data through Satcom Direct, contact Satcom sales at 321-777-3000.

iPad/iPhone App Improvement
Our FltPlan.com App now lets you download your NavLog and Weather into separate pages. With this new feature you can easily select the individual flight that you are currently flying, without having to scroll through past flights. This new feature works both on the iPad and iPhone. Look for new upgrades and enhancements over the coming months.

To download the free App, please visit the AppStore on your device and search for FltPlan or Click Here. The App is titled, "FltPlan - Flight Plans, Charts, Moving Maps".

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