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Newsletter - February 28th, 2013

Vote Now in the 2013 Pilots' Choice Awards
Don't be left out; go to www.FltPlan.com to cast your ballot in the 2013 Pilots' Choice Awards. Voting continues now through March 31, 2013. Categories include Best FBO, Best Tower location, Best ATC Center and more.
Voting is limited to existing users. If your account was created after January 14, 2013, you'll need to wait until next year to vote in the Pilots' Choice Awards. The winners will be announced online in April.

Weight & Balance Program Now Available on iPad App
FltPlan.com's free Weight & Balance program is now available on our iPad app. At your desk or on the go, our W&B information is at your fingertips. This feature is a companion tool to our popular web based Weight & Balance program. The iPad app's W&B feature integrates with your online Weight & Balance info. You can import your aircraft's W&B data directly to your iPad app, with no need to re-enter your aircraft parameters. You can then use this data offline when no internet access is available. This is a great tool that will let you do last minute calculations on the ramp, or while enroute and planning your next fuel load. This feature is also available on our Android app.
In addition, FltPlan.com continues to add more aircraft to our Weight & Balance program. We now have over 235 various makes and models in our database. Some of the newest selections range from the Piper Tri-Pacer, the Amphibious Cessna 208 Caravan, and the Challenger 300.
To enter your aircraft, go to the Weight & Balance link on the left side of the Main Menu page.
To download the app, please visit the AppStore on your device and search for FltPlan or click here:

FltPlan.com Chart Store

Email your Weight & Balance Calculation Directly from your Android Device
FltPlan.com's Android app now lets you email your W&B calculations directly from your tablet or phone. Whether you are online or offline, all you need to do is perform your calculations and then use the Email Entry button.

The App will automatically send the W&B email if online. If you are offline when you perform the W&B, it will send immediately once you are back online.
Please see previous FltBrief newsletters:

Import or Export Data to FltPlan.com's Free eLogbook Also enter custom currencies
Now you can import or export data to FltPlan.com's popular eLogbook program. The logbook now has an option to import other logbooks into FltPlan.com's eLogbook. Each individual flight from previous logbooks would be entered individually into the eLogbook.
Our full featured eLogbook has received a great reception and is becoming very popular with our users. The eLogbook integrates with your FltPlan.com account, so you can transfer your flight plans directly without retyping all your data, or it can be used as a stand alone logbook program. Now you can import your past totals and add passenger info to each flight, as well.
The logbook also has a new pilot currency section which allows pilots to add custom currencies to their logbook. Reminders of the currencies will be displayed on the home page.

Email, Share, or Download to our Free iPad or Android Apps:
Three easy ways to view and share your NavLog and Weather

Maybe you want to email your NavLogs, maybe you want your co-pilot to view them, or maybe you just want to be able to see them in the air. Whatever your need, FltPlan.com has you covered.
1. You can easily print and email all of your FltPlan.com documents from our simple-to-use Multi Printout page. This can be helpful for sending your trip data to your fellow pilot the night before the flight or for sending your flight information to your dispatch/scheduling department for flight following and archiving.
Click on Multi Printout (on the left hand side of the Main Menu Page). You can select which flights and which documents you would like to display, and then use the Print feature on your browser to print the pages out.
To email, click the icon. One thing to watch: If you are emailing several documents at once, your email provider may not deliver. Be assured that we are sending them out, but larger emails sometimes get blocked as spam. If you have several flights, you're better off sending them in more than one email.
2. Another option is to use the Share NavLog feature. You can share NavLog and Weather with other users from your computer, Android, or iPad. FltPlan.com lets others (that you have authorized) view your NavLog, Wind Matrix and Weather briefings even if you use different account usernames. Access is restricted to just viewing the NavLog and Weather. Your account and flight plan data is protected from changes by other users.
Both pilots must 'opt in' using their respective accounts in the Default Settings page (left side of Main Menu page). Once this is done, a pilot will be able to choose from the current and future flight plans of the other pilot for viewing on their iPad, Droid, or computer. See our previous FltBrief:
3. If you simply want to view your own NavLog or Weather offline, there's no need to email the Multi Printout or share info with anyone else. As long as you're using our free iPad or Android App, all you need to do is download your NavLog or Weather to your device for viewing. See our previous FltBrief.

Runway Wind Calculator
FltPlan.com continues to add functionality to our Android app.
Our new Runway Wind Calculator now allows you to enter an airport ID. The Runway Wind Calculator will then automatically give you the available runways for selection. Look for more info in our next FltBrief newsletter.

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