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Newsletter - February 8th, 2013

Voting Has Begun in the 2013 Pilots' Choice Awards
Let your opinion be heard. Voting for the 2013 Pilots' Choice Awards continues now through March 31, 2013. Go to to cast your ballot. Categories include Best FBO, Best Tower location, Best ATC Center and more.
Voting is limited to existing users. If your account was created after January 14, 2013, you'll need to wait until next year to vote in the Pilots' Choice Awards. The winners will be announced online in April.

New FBO Comment Button
The Pilots' Choice Awards are held once a year, but now you can voice your opinion about an FBO all year long. We have added a new FBO Comments button on the Airport Information page. Now you can click on the FBO Comments button for an individual FBO, instead of having comments about FBOs being lumped together under Airport Comments. It's easier to find out what other pilots have to say and easier to make sure your opinion is seen.
We will now use the Airport Comments solely for topics specific to the airport, such as mountains, nearby attractions, runway conditions, etc.

To use the FBO Comments button, you must be logged into your account. Select Airport Info from the links on the left side of the Main Menu page, then look for FBO Comments on the right of the FBO listing.

ADVERTISEMENT's Free eLogbook Now Can be Exported to Excel Spreadsheet
Our full featured eLogbook has received a great reception and is becoming very popular with our users. Now it's even better: You can export your logbook to an Excel spread sheet for printing, emailing, etc.
The eLogbook integrates with your account, so you can transfer your flight plans directly without retyping all your data, or it can be used as a stand alone logbook program. Now you can import your past totals and add passenger info to each flight, as well.
The eLogbook offers selectable columns and works with flights for both captain and co-pilot. The logbook also allows you to set up aircraft profiles based on tail numbers. It will then fill in the appropriate categories like twin engine jet, seaplane, etc. You can enter your past flights or begin with totals from previous logbooks. You can also now store passenger info including names, addresses, and phone numbers and assign them to the appropriate flights.

Android App now integrates with website eLogbook. continues to add more functionality to our Android app (phone or tablet), with our latest addition of a logbook entry feature. You can now use the app to enter your flights into our Pilot's eLogbook program, either online or offline. The logbook information will automatically be transmitted to our web-based eLogbook program, with no other actions necessary, and combined with your other flights. With this new feature, you can enter all your flight information including departure/arrival airports, flight time, type flight (IFR, Actual), and more. This can all be done while still in the aircraft or anywhere else.

Important: Keep Your Contact Information Up-to-Date
Sometimes it's necessary for to contact a pilot. This has been especially true with the ICAO 2012 changes: If a flight plan can't be filed because of incorrect data, we need to talk to the pilot to correct it. There might also be an emergency, a problem with your flight plan, or you may have forgotten to cancel your flight plan.
If you've been using for years, your information may have changed since you created your account. Avoid unnecessary delays by making sure your phone numbers and email are current. There is room in the PIC info slots to label whether the number is for home, office, or cell. Utilizing this is a great way to avoid us calling your family and worrying them needlessly.
Be sure you also have valid email address, phone number, and cell phone number for each PIC in your account. To keep your contact information current, go to the "User/PIC Info" link on the left side of the Main Menu page of We will also check emergency contact info in your ICAO data for your aircraft.
Rest assured, we will not sell your phone number or use it for any other purposes than those related to filing your flight plan or for emergency purposes.

A Reminder about Lifegaurd Flights
Use the STS Indicator on Item 18 of your ICAO flight plan

As we noted in the last FltBrief, the 'Lifeguard' designation (LN) will soon be a thing of the past. To maintain consistency between ICAO and FAA flight plan filing, all civilian air ambulance flights are required to file as 'MEDEVAC' instead of the previous term 'Lifeguard'. The term 'HOSP' has been added.
Because of the priority afforded air ambulance flights in the ATC system, extreme discretion is necessary when using the term 'MEDEVAC'. It is only intended for those missions of an urgent medical nature and should be utilized only for that portion of the flight requiring expeditious handling. 'HOSP' flights will receive priority handling only when specifically requested When communicating with ATC, use the call sign 'MEDEVAC', followed by the aircraft registration numbers or call sign (e.g. "Oakland Center, MEDEVAC N1234A, level at 350". or "Denver Ground, MEDEVAC FLYFAST123, ready to taxi"). makes it easy to use the new 'MEDEVAC' designation. Just go to the Default Settings page (bottom left side of the Main Menu page) and select the appropriate STS/ Indicators as an option. You can then select the categories you wish, such as 'MEDEVAC' (a flight for a life critical emergency evacuation) and 'HOSP' (a medical flight declared by medical authorities). These two items will then appear as an option to select when creating a flight plan.

During this transition time, has still been supporting the LN designation, however aircraft operators who formerly used the Lifeguard designation, should start getting used to using the STS/ indicator in Item 18 of the ICAO format flight plan. You should also remove any LN profiles in the Edit Aircraft section (bottom left side of Main Menu), and use the registration number when creating the flight plan. On the page that you enter your Altitude, ETD, Route etc., just select 'MEDEVAC' in the STS/ section when appropriate. On Twitter
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