Pilots Choice Awards 2012
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Newsletter - February 2nd, 2012

FltPlan.com Now Selling Charts 20% off List Price
FltPlan.com's Chart Store is now open! By visiting http://store.fltplan.com, you can purchase current charts, as well as a recurring subscription to these products.

The Chart Store offers Airport/Facility Directories, Approach Plates/Terminal Procedures, High Altitude Enroute Charts, Low Altitude Enroute Charts, Sectional Charts, Terminal Area Charts, VFR Helicopter Charts, VFR Wall Planning Charts and World Aeronautical Charts.

Current charts can be purchased online and will be shipped within one business day. For orders received before 1 p.m. Eastern, your items will ship the same day.

Please note that you will only be billed for each cycle of your subscription when your order ships. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Our charts are government issued and up to date. And the best part? They're always 20% off list price.

To learn more about the Chart Store and our products, please visit http://store.fltplan.com.

Pilots Choice Awards 2012

FltPlan.com SMS Seminar Coming in April
FltPlan.com, in collaboration with the ACSF (Air Charter Safety Foundation), is offering a free one day SMS seminar on April 24, 2012 in Southbury, CT. SMS (Safety Management Systems) is rapidly becoming a requirement for operators of turbojets and aircraft over 12,500 lbs. SMS also makes good business sense. The purpose of the seminar is to bring some understanding to what SMS is, what it's purpose is, and what's required for implementing SMS in your flight department. We're hoping many of the misconceptions of SMS can be removed. Plan on a fun and informative day with us on Tuesday April 24th. Details for registering will follow in coming weeks. Keep reading FltBrief to stay up to date.

More DCM (Dot Com) Call Sign enhancements
FltPlan.com now offers 3 distinct levels of privacy for our Call Sign users.
1. Totally unblocked: Trackable on any flight tracking website by entering the DCM call sign
2. Blocked at industry level: Trackable only from within your FltPlan.com Premium Flight Tracking account
3. Totally blocked at the FAA level: Not trackable by anyone including you

Our newest feature is level 2.
With Industry Level Blocking, Flight Tracking vendors cannot display the call sign info, but you can arrange with FltPlan.com to track the call sign internally.

Currently users can select two of the above options as selectable on a flight by flight basis.
For more information on our call sign program, please contact our special services staff at 731-855-8000 (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern time).

Call Sign Reminder:
For our DCM call sign users who missed our last newsletter, FltPlan.com now allows you the ability to place your aircraft air-phone number on file with FltPlan.com. If the need arises, such as lost communications with ATC, FltPlan.com will call your aircraft to give you the new center frequency or other necessary instructions. The phone number is not given to ATC, only a FltPlan.com employee will call you. To register your aircraft's phone number, please call our special services line at 1-731-855-8000 (Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time).

For Satcom Direct users:
a.) Please remember to contact Satcom Direct and let them know of your DCM call sign, so they can ensure that your PDC and Oceanic Clearances are routed correctly.
b.) FltPlan.com has the ability to text message you while you are in flight to send any pertinent information. If ATC contacts FltPlan.com about your flight, FltPlan.com will attempt to call you and/or send you a text message though your Satcom Direct datalink system.

For more information on use of your DCM Call Sign, call 1-731-855-8000 (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern time).

FltPlan.com's Weight and Balance Expands

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FltPlan.com's new Weight and Balance program for piston aircraft has been a great success. We've been inundated with requests to add aircraft to our system. We now have over 85 different makes and models in our database, and we are expanding our database to include single-engine turboprops. In coming months, we will begin entering twin-engine turboprops.

You can find the Weight and Balance calculator by clicking on the Wt.& Bal. link on the left side of the Main Menu page.

If you have an aircraft you'd like entered, we will need the generic Weight and Balance pages from your POH (Flight Manual/Pilot Operating Handbook). This would include the Weight and Balance graph and (if possible) an aircraft diagram from the flight manual. You can fax us the pages (203-262-8904) or scan and email them to Courtney@FltPlan.com.

Big Changes Coming for Canadian Airways, RNAV SIDs and STARs
On Feb 09 2012 Nav Canada is implementing comprehensive changes in the Toronto-Quebec City Corridor, including:
* New RNAV airways in the Toronto - Ottawa - Montreal - Quebec City Airspace Corridor
* New SID & STAR procedures for CYYZ, CYOW and CYUL

If you are flying to, from, or through this area in the coming weeks, please make sure you review your current charts effective February 9th. Many of the Jet and Low Airways have been deleted or partially removed. In place of these airways, there are new Q (High Altitude) and T Routes (low Altitude). There are also many new RNAV intersections created in this area.

If you are a flying in this area whether as a regular or a newbie, on or after February 9 things will be different. Take the time to review your charts to help things go smoother for both yourself and the Nav Canada Controllers.

For more information, please see: http://imageserver.fltplan.com/FltBrief/February2012/CYYZ_IMEBA_ONE_ARR_PG3.pdf

There are new RNAV SIDs and STARs for CYYZ (Toronto), CYOW (Ottawa), and CYUL (Montreal).
In addition to these new procedures, please note a significant difference in the meaning of ATC altitude clearances on SIDs and STARs between Nav Canada and the FAA. Receiving clearance to a lower altitude does not cancel any intermediate altitude restriction as it does in the US. The specific language is below:
ATC will issue descent clearance, and once a lower altitude is issued by ATC, the pilot shall descend on the STAR profile to the assigned altitude. The pilot will comply with all charted altitude restrictions above the ATC-assigned altitude, unless specifically cancelled by ATC. When an approach clearance is received, all altitude restrictions on the STAR profile remain mandatory, unless specifically cancelled by ATC.

Please see: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/publications/tp14371-rac-9-0-2604.htm#9-2-3 for more information.

And speaking of SIDs and STARs... Filing SIDS and STARS correctly and easily with FltPlan.com
When you file your flight plan with FltPlan.com, make sure you are filing a SID or STAR that is appropriate for your aircraft type and equipment. This will avoid problems or changes either before departure or later en route as you approach your destination. Just because the most recent user route or Planned ATC routes shows the ALB.NOBBI5 arrival into KHPN (White Plains), this doesn't mean you should use it if you are flying a Hawker H25B. What you should file is the ALB.VALRE3. Why? The ALB.NOBBI5 is for turboprops less than 250kts, and the ALB.VALRE3 is for jets greater than 250kts.

Many SIDS and STARS are specific to categories such as turbojet, route altitudes, RNAV capability, or runway. If you file for a SID or STAR that is incorrect for your aircraft, the flight plan route will be rejected and a full route clearance required before take-off. Or your route may have to be changed after takeoff, creating inefficiency for you and ATC.

But how does one know? FltPlan.com makes it easy.

On FltPlan.com's flight plan entry page, you can scroll to the bottom and to see a list of SIDs for your departure airport and STARs for your arrival airport. Next to each one is a brief recap of the restrictions for each procedure. Below that are drop down boxes to select each SID or STAR and view the chart. Because there are so many different types of restrictions, it is important to read them and make sure you have filed the right procedure.

Below is the SID & STAR data for a flight plan from KCLE to KHPN. Using this information and using the correct SID/STAR for your aircraft when creating your flight plan, will ensure a smooth flight.

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