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Newsletter - December 19th, 2013

FltPlan's Free Checklist Tool now Available on our Android App
Last month we announced our new Checklist tool for the iPad. Now this great feature is also available on our popular free Android app. Just enter your checklist into your account, and it's ready to take with you on your Android tablet or smart phone.
Because you can see each item being checked off the list as you complete it, going through your checklist is easy and accurate.
Android Checklist
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There are some great additional features available with this function. Similar to our Weight & Balance feature, you can quickly transfer your checklist to other tail numbers or to another account. You can also save or print the checklist with a few simple commands.
Don't have time to enter a Custom Checklist? FltPlan is happy to create it for you. Simply email your checklist to Support@FltPlan.com. Be sure to include your username and tail number.
For detailed instructions or the instructions on how to use the export and sharing capabilities click the link below.
Instructions Link

New Download Status Page on FltPlan Go App
In addition to the checklist program listed above, FltPlan continues to add new features and upgrades to our FltPlan Go app. Among them is a Download Status page.
The new Download Status page can be accessed from the Download tab, and then tapping on Downloaded Files. By doing this, you can see at a glance what you have downloaded and what is current. You can also update all your charts to the latest cycle with the tap of the update button. Pre-flights are easy when a quick glance at your FltPlan Go app shows you what you've downloaded.

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In addition, FltPlan has increased the zoom in levels of the sectionals, TAC Charts, and Helicopter charts, so every detail can be easily read and viewed.

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We have also completed geo-referencing of approach plates for the entire U.S. and now have fuel price info for over 4,000 locations available on our FltPlan Go App.


Season's Greetings from FltPlan.com
As another year ends, we at FltPlan.com would like to thank all of our loyal users. We wish you another safe and happy new year.
We'd also like to thank our advertisers. They have great products and services, and they help to keep FltPlan.com a free site. We hope you'll support them in the New Year. You can find a complete list by clicking on the Display Advertisers link under the Pilot Resources button.

New Cycle of Paper Charts Now Available at the FltPlan.com Chart Store
The FltPlan.com Chart Store is now offering an updated cycle of charts for sale. You can place your orders for these new charts now. The charts will be shipped to you the same day, and you will receive them within three to five business days. The FltPlan.com Chart Store also offers Canadian paper charts. Visit http://store.fltplan.com to view our complete inventory of products. The following charts have been replaced by new editions:
All Airport/Facility Directories
All Terminal Procedures/Approach Plates
All High Altitude Enroute Charts
All Low Altitude Enroute Charts
New Sectionals

Los Angeles
St. Louis
New WAC Chart
Los Angeles
San Diego
St. Louis
Subscriptions are available for all of our paper charts. To subscribe please call one our Chart Store at 203-262-9200. For more general inquiries regarding our paper charts, please email us at Store@FltPlan.com.

New Enhancement for SMS Users
We continue to make improvements and add new features to our SMS program. Our latest enhancement allows crews that fly repetitive trips to reset their FRATs to their original default settings when reusing a flight plan. This would be common with flight departments or shuttle crews that fly every day, often to the same destination.
For those unfamiliar with SMS, it is a systematic approach to managing the day to day hazards and risks associated with running a safe flight operation. It also sets into place a program that engages both management and employees in the quest to constantly improve the safety of their operation. One of the byproducts is that you will soon see that enhanced safety leads to a better quality operation and a cost benefit.
While some countries (Bermuda and Cayman Islands) are requiring operators of jet aircraft and aircraft over 12,500 pounds to have SMS, others are sure to follow. If you're not already implementing SMS, it might be a good time to start considering an SMS for your company (whether large or small). You can get more information by calling our special services office at 731-855-8000 between the hours of 8am and 5pm Eastern Time.

New Favorites Feature on the Main Menu Page
Now you have the option to select up to five different sections of FltPlan.com and have the links listed under Favorites at the top left side of your Main Menu Page. You can choose the pages you use most for quick and easy access.

Set your Favorites by going to Default User Settings, found by clicking on the Settings button. Find the Select Favorites link at the bottom of the page, and then choose from the drop-down menu. Click on Save Favorites when you're done.



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