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Newsletter - December 27th, 2012

Look at what our FREE Android app can do.
Some of the top selling gifts this holiday season are the tablet and mini-tablet. And whether it's a device from the Google Nexus series or an Amazon Kindle Fire, FltPlan has the app. Our app provide an easy way to "mobilize" your account. Here are some of the things our app offers:
* IFR High and Low Charts for the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America
* U.S. VFR Sectionals
* Approach Charts for the U.S. and Canada
* Download your Navigation Logs and Weather Briefings for offline viewing
* Preview and build your routes on Sectional and IFR maps
* Sync your Documents folder for online and offline viewing
* Download important documents like A/FD, approach charts, and map legends
* View airport and enroute weather briefings and track aircraft
* Store frequently viewed airports/routes/tail-numbers to customizable buttons
* A/FD feature allows users to download the pages needed (in high-resolution PDF format)
* FBO and Airport FltDeck Guide that provides a wealth of information, including airport/FBO diagram, telephone numbers, frequencies, FBO information, and nearby airports and nearby alternates
The low cost Android tablets and the free app are a great combination.

...And For Our iPad Users
In addition to all the great features we already have on the iPad, the following enhancements are coming in January:
* Weight and Balance for offline use
* XM Weather
Keep watching FltBrief for updates.


Check Out Our Premium Document Storage Feature
Now's Document Storage allows you to upload up to 100mb or 200mb of files for a low annual fee. (With's free document storage feature you can upload, store, and retrieve up to 10mb of documents, free of charge, in your account.)
This is a great tool for uploading company operations manuals, flight manuals, trip sheets, expense reports, schedules, and more. Most file formats are accepted including .doc, .docx, .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .txt, and many more. You can upload the document on your home computer and then access it from your laptop, iPad, Android device, or office computer ...all from within your account.
One of the best parts of this feature is the ability to share these documents across multiple user accounts. Unlike other companies, we don't charge licensing fees for additional users. Any accounts that have been set up for sharing NavLogs and Weather (see previous FltBrief: will now be able to share documents. Utilizing this capability, one pilot can allow other specifically authorized users to view their documents. For instance, a scheduler or dispatcher could upload a document to their account, and any other authorized account would automatically have access to this information.
The fee is $49 per year for up to 100MB of storage or 200MB for $79 per year. If you would like to sign up for this please give us a call at 1-203-262-1700. Offers Free eLogbook Feature is pleased to announce its latest enhancement: Our secure, full featured logbook. The eLogbook integrates with your account, so you can transfer your flight plans directly without retyping all your data. It can also be used as a stand alone logbook program.
The eLogbook is designed for use by student pilots right up to corporate or airline captains. It offers selectable columns and works with flights entered on for both captain and co-pilot. The eLogbook also allows you to set up aircraft profiles based on tail numbers. It will then fill in the appropriate categories like twin engine jet, seaplane, etc. You can enter your past flights or begin with totals from previous logbooks. The page will be printable and exportable to Excel spreadsheets. On Twitter
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