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Newsletter - December 20th, 2012

Legends and Info Now Available on Website and Android App now provides easy access to the legends of various FAA publications on both the website and our Android App (online and offline).
The Legend includes info on Approach charts for the U.S. & Canada, Airport/Facility Directory, Sectionals, High and Low Altitude Charts, and TEC routes.
On the website, go to Documents (left side of Main Menu page), and on the Android App, use the "Legends & General Info".

From the Website.

From the Android App.


ICAO 2012 use of STS/ (Special Handling Information)
With ICAO 2012, operators of aircraft that need special handling requests from ATC should use the STS/ indicator in item 18 of the flight plan.
There are 13 special handling categories that are listed at
They range from non-RVSM, to Search and Rescue, to flying with Head of State status.
With, there is no need to concern yourself with the correct formats in ICAO 2012. We'll take care of this. However there are two things you need to know:
Since very few flights are affected, the STS/ categories will only appear when creating a flight plan if you have gone to the Default Settings page (bottom left side of the Main Menu page) and selected the appropriate STS/ Indicators as an option. You can then select the categories you wish, e.g. MEDEVAC (a flight for a life critical emergency evacuation) and HOSP (a medical flight declared by medical authorities). These two items will then appear as an option to select when creating a flight plan.

Default Settings Page

Flight Plan Entry Page and Corporate Angel Network:
Your empty seat can help a cancer patient users have the option of making their schedules available to Corporate Angel Network (CAN), the non-profit organization that arranges free air transportation for cancer patients who need to travel for specialized treatment. After registering with CAN, users can select the flights they want to make available, and the schedule is automatically sent to CAN's secure data base. CAN then looks for possible matches with their patients' requests.
One user was able to fly a cancer patient from Atlanta to Morristown, NJ for special tests. Another FltPlan user was able to help a cancer patient on a particularly challenging route from Medford, OR to Missoula, MT. With's help, the empty seats on aircraft can continue to help ease the burden of cancer patients all over the country.
Please see for more information.

Using Night Mode Toggle on's iPad App
A common complaint from iPad users is that at night, even with the screen set at full dim, the display is still quite bright. What many pilots do not know is that there is a convenient "night mode" toggle switch. To take advantage of this feature go to Settings > General > Accessibility. You will see an option called "Triple-click home". Simply set that to invert the colors. Now whenever you triple click your home button, your screen will toggle between normal and "night mode".

Happy Holidays from
As another year ends, we at would like to thank all of our loyal users. We're proud to say we have over 130,000 active users. We wish you all another safe and happy year.
We'd also like to thank all of our advertisers. They have great products and services, and they help to keep a free site. We hope you'll support them in the New Year. We provide a Display Advertisers link on the bottom left of the Main Menu page. Click here for a complete list of our advertisers and links to their websites.
It's been an exciting year at, as we continue to grow. We've added more great people to our staff, and we've added new services and features. In the past year we added many new improvements to our Android and iPad apps, opened the Chart Store, kept you up-to-date on Mexican Overflight regulations, made it easy to comply with ICAO 2012, as well as adding many other enhancements to our program. We look forward to continuing our great service in 2013 and beyond. Offers Online TAC Charts now provides TAC charts with our sectionals online at the website. They can be easily toggled on and off with the click of a mouse. This will allow you to get greater detail for planning your trips to busy terminal areas.
There are 38 Terminal Aeronautical Charts that depict the airspace designated as Class B airspace. The information found on these charts, while similar to that found on Sectional Charts, is shown in much more detail because of the larger scale.
This is just one more great feature that offers to make your flight planning easier. On Twitter
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