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Newsletter - August 1st, 2013

FltPlan.com Now Makes Following Noise Abatement Procedures Easier:
Look for the Whispertrack button on the Airport Information page

FltPlan.com has joined with Whispertrack to make sure you have the best information about noise abatement procedures right at your fingertips.
Whispertrack is a service that allows pilots to get current procedures specified by the airport. If an airport is using Whispertrack to disseminate their noise abatement policies, you will find Whispertrack and WhisperPlate buttons on FltPlan.com's FBO/Airport Info page (left side of Main Menu).

Pilots can download and print their own up-to-the-minute WhisperPlate, a print-on-demand solution for noise abatement.
FltPlan.com is constantly adding new features, such as the Whispertrack button, to make flight planning as easy as possible.

FltPlan.com Demonstrates Our New App at AirVenture
Get ready for FltPlan Go

FltPlan.com is demonstrating our new free FltPlan GO iPad App at AirVenture 2013 this week. FltPlan GO will be released to the public later this month.
Among the many new features FltPlan GO offers:
  • Rubber banding for flight planning
  • Ability to create and edit routes offline
  • Breadcrumbs - leaves a trail of where you have been on the screen
  • ADS-B and XM - WX capabilities
  • Helicopter Routes, TAC Charts, SUAs for offline use
  • Geo-Referenced Airport Charts (in addition to Geo-referenced Charts)
  • Multiple Binders for easy access to the info you need, all in one location
  • Ability to save notes and highlight on multiple approach charts

    All these features will work online and offline. The best part is that this new app integrates with our free website (and our other mobile devices) for one-stop flight planning. FltPlan GO also includes our current eLogbook, Weight & Balance, and PDC features.
    We'll keep you posted about the release of FltPlan GO in FltBrief.

    Stop by Booths #2002 and #2003 at AirVenture 2013 and meet some of the FltPlan.com staff.

    FltPlan.com Chart Store

    A Note to FBOs: If you're not updating your fuel prices, you could be losing out
    Pilots are creating their flight plans, choosing their FBO, and getting their weather briefing all on one site -- FltPlan.com. If you're an FBO manager, and you're not updating your fuel prices, you could be losing business.
    You can enter your fuel prices by going to: WWW.FLTPLAN.COM/FBOfuel.htm
    We hope you will continue updating your fuel prices on FltPlan.com since the aviation community finds this information a valuable asset in their pre-flight decisions.
    If you don't have a password, please send an email to Support@FltPlan.com requesting assistance.

    2013 Pilots' Choice Award Winners
    Congratulations to the winners of FltPlan.com's 2013 Pilots' Choice Awards. Check out some of their photos, as they proudly display their awards. Click Here to see the winners.

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