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Newsletter - August 24th, 2012

Free iPAD App Now has Enroute Charts South of the Border, Including Mexico and the Caribbean
FltPlan.com continues to add new features and make improvements to our free, full-featured iPAD app. The latest new feature is our geo-referenced high (jet) and low (victor) airway charts for Central America and the Caribbean. You can now view your route of flight while offline, with High and Low airway enroute charts for all of Canada, U.S., Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, and more.

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FltPlan.com's iPad App also lets you choose which region is primary when viewing, while leaving the other regions visible as secondary. With this feature, you can make the Canadian charts the top layer (using NavCanada enroute charts) while still getting the big picture with the FAA's U.S. charts as secondary. This way the entire length of your route is visible on enroute charts.
And did we mention there are no extra add-on charges from FltPlan.com? All of our iPad features are free and integrate with our website.

iPad Improvements: More speed please!
FltPlan.com has made major changes to our download process with three major improvements.
1.) Download speeds of approach plates have been increased by a factor of 10. (Yes, that's right! 10 times faster.) With a good high speed Wi-Fi connection, you can now download the entire Southeast region (AL,FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, PR, SC, TN, and the Virgin Islands) of approach charts in less than 4 minutes (and that's our biggest region). An individual state can take less than a minute.
2.) You can now cue downloads. With this new enhancement, you can pre-select all the states/regions you need and walk away. The program will automatically download the various approach charts you requested. This also applies to downloading enroute charts. Just select what you need, and the program will take care of the rest.
3.) If you lose your internet connection, the FltPlan.com iPad App will now resume where it left off. No need to start from the beginning.
Look for more new features and enhancements in the coming weeks.

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FltPlan.com Chart Store

Preparing for ICAO 2012 Changes: Start entering your data as early as October 1
2012 is here and the deadline for using the new ICAO format flight plans is fast approaching. Starting on October 1, 2012, FltPlan.com users can start entering the required data for flight plans for ERAM 2012. FltPlan.com will use the new format starting on November 1st, enabling you to meet the FAA deadline of November 15.
As you may already know, FltPlan.com was the first in bringing the ICAO format changes to the General Aviation population in June 2008. As the largest flight planning company in North America, we are very aware of the new changes that will be taking place in November 2012 and will implement them with a simple process for compliance with ICAO 2012. FltBrief will keep you posted with any updates.

2012 Pilots' Choice Award Winners
Congratulations to the winners of FltPlan.com's 2012 Pilots' Choice Awards. Check out some of their photos, as they proudly display their awards. Click Here to see the winners.

For Our eAPIS Users: Now get your CBP Confirmation email sent to specific crewmembers
FltPlan.com's latest eAPIS feature allows you to get your CBP confirmation email sent directly to the pilots flying the trip. For multiple crewmember flight departments, this can save you the trouble of forwarding the email to the working pilots of the trip and also avoids disturbing non-working pilots with unnecessary emails. CBP requirements state that you cannot take off without this email confirmation. Having your CBP email confirmation sent to the master email address for the account and the specific crewmembers flying the flight can speed up your departure. It also provides the peace of mind of knowing that if one email gets lost in the ether, there is another source to check.
To access this new feature for our eAPIS customers, go to the crew section of your eAPIS page. Once there, enter the appropriate email address for the crewmember in the "Crew CBP Confirmation email address" entry box at the bottom of the page.


For more information about this option or FltPlan.com's easy-to-use eAPIS system, please call our eAPIS team at 731-855-8000 between 8am and 5pm Eastern Time.

SMS Seminar Coming to Dallas in October: Guest speaker Randy Babbitt
FltPlan.com is now taking registrations for a free educational event. FltPlan.com will be hosting an SMS Informational Seminar in partnership with ACSF (Air Charter Safety Foundation). This is a live event, not a webinar. It will take place in Dallas on Wednesday October 17, 2012, starting promptly at 9 am and ending at 5 pm ET. This SMS Seminar will provide helpful information in regard to the development and implementation of your company's SMS Program. We are pleased to announce that Randy Babbitt, former FAA Administrator, will once again be a guest speaker at our upcoming SMS Seminar. Registration is required to attend.
To register Click Here. Each attendee is required to register separately. After receiving the registration form and being qualified as an SMS participant, further details will be provided via email.

FltPlan.com Chart Store Adds Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Gulf of Mexico
The FltPlan.com Chart Store is continuing to expand its inventory to better suit your needs.
We've been carrying U.S. paper charts for the last several months, and have recently introduced Canadian paper charts into our inventory. Now we are also including charts for Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Gulf of Mexico.
Recurring subscriptions are also available to all of our paper chart products.
To visit the FltPlan.com Chart Store Click Here for http://store.fltplan.com.
If you have any questions about our paper charts, please call a Chart Store representative at 203-262-9200 or email us at Store@FltPlan.com.

Pilots: Can we borrow you for a minute for a survey?
In an effort to try and enhance the pilot experience, please take a minute (literally, there are only 5 questions), to fill out a short survey to help us know the best way for FBOs to communicate with you. Click Here to take the survey.
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